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I didn't play the Straight Flush! :(  0   
Hello Mobsters,

How would you react if the other players at the table raise all in preflop, you fold and when you see the river, you realised that you have Staright Flush! Sad Angry

What whould you do Question Will you get angry when you see at the river you had Straight Flush, which you didn't play?

But how will I go all in preflop with 6 Spade 10 Spade Question

Congratz, your not a donk.

I have to agree with Phisix here, it's a really good move NOT to call with those cards!

Now, to the actual question, how would I feel? Well, I have folded pre-flop and would have actually floped a Royal Flush ones, that one did hurt quite a bit, but I knew that my fold was +EV in that situation so I was able to draw comfort from that and keep playing my A-game.

You need to keep in mind that ones you have folded your hand is completely irrelevant! It doesn't matter at all what you would have had, just move on and let it go. Most of the times when I fold a hand, I don't even bother watching the end of it, I just minimize the window and go on with doing whatever I was doing until the next hand.

Who also says that those cards would have dropped if you were in the all in? Plus you were in the early position so you should know the people going all in would have had better cards than you.

Thank you guys! I feel much better now! Because when I saw the Straight Flush I felt bad. But these advices are really good. As erru said when I fold it is done. But I always have the habbit to see what will happen untill the river, even if I fold. I always watch it.

May be I shouldn't do it anymore (to watch the cards untill the river when I fold earlier). And I will be relaxed and to worry about what actually could happen.

Thanks again for your advices! Smile

I think the right answer is frustration but you need to get over it...

I mean if you consider it after all you played the hand correctly and folded Blink

I do like small suited connectors but not to go all in with them lol

Phisix said it right...u must rem many of the good hands in a game would have been beaten by the folded bad ones, it happens a lot with so many hands per min, so nothing to even bother yourself with, it was correct fold as poker hands go. we have all missed top hands and we go 'oh damn i had this i would of had that...this leads to more bad play as what is wishful thinking or chasing the possibity of the magic the percentages aint worth t on long run...unless u have 1million in excess chipstack to call with loose ranges...but then why would you do that?

millions of players have missed great winning hands... the top players ..'don't openly mention it'..(tip)
have a gg Diamond Thumbs Up

It can be frustrating, but you definitely made the right decision. If you play regular you will find these kind of things become less frustrating if you analyze the hand and come to the conclusion that you did the right thing.
Never let feelings cloud your judgement, it will only affect your game negatively.

Good fold

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Well,....I would think that if you KNEW you were going to get a straight flush by the time the hand played out, WOULD definately have played it and bet HUGE!...

...BUT,....being that it IS poker,....and because it's 100% chance what cards will come next,....who knows what will happen if you're not RUSSIAN... Big Smile

lol, if you play enough hands you'll see this s**t plenty - royal flushes, straight flushes, quads.. all of it..

Try playing 10 tables at a time for 8hours a day, you won't even bat an eye-lid when you win with quads, let alone 'fold' a striaght flush.

is that your age or your iq only joikng you were right tpo fold its happened to me thousands of times you were not in the hand so you had not got a straight flush so syop with the silly posts put something up when you win a heap of money and you will get all the praise you deserve. Cool

Odds and Outs are verry important in poker and this was a right fold. After your fold it is not interesting hat another Cards you see. Important was only to do the right Thing in the right Moment. The rest is only luck.

Also, hitting a straight flush when nobody hits 2 pair, a set, a straight or a flush is usually useless since you won't get paid ^^

Folding pre flop is definetly the right move here with 10s6s, that's not even a good drawing hand... Tongue

You couldnt really shove with 10 6 and that you would have hit a straight flush is just bad luck.If we could all see the cards that are coming to come it will be a very easy game indeed Big Smile

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