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I cant open the boxes for the calendar a message appears that it is taking me to the calendar but never gets there, is there somat wrong here or is it on my side.


Something with your computer, I'm afraid.

Try re-installing flash or whatever it's called.

ok thx will get it sorted soon I hope

yea ,try instaling u re updates on flash ,java ,what ever it needs .Just one Q:on u re pc or other device ?

Hey simon.... I had the same problem with the calendar about two months ago,...and yes, it was a problem with the Flash player. I just removed and then reinstalled it, and PRESTO, problemo after that...

Try that and let us know if it worked out Smile Thumbs Up

Above are good tips. What you also can try is to open the bankrollmob calender in an other internet browser?! I think that it will help solving the problem. I wish you good luck mate, also on the poker tables Blink

Happend to me too some time ago(months) and the fix was indeed to uninstall and then reinstall flash Blink

If this not works then you could change the internet browser but i doubt that the browser is the problem. GL!

Also watch out for google chrome messing up again if you are using it.
Cause for no reason at all it started blocking the pop ups from bankrollmob.
Clicked the allowed twice so far. Have no idea what is going on.
google and their updates lol

I use only google Chrome , and i have no problems with Calendar or safe or etc.
When you donwloading the chrome and after you install it the flash player is included in the Chrome installer , so go to and get the latest update.

will remove flash player and reinstall se if this works, it only went wrong after I had a message from windows that I could upgrade from windows 8 which I have to windows 8.1the new edition, also I cant sign into sky betting or sports or play races from the archive were I still can do this on At The Races very annoying, sky wont let me reregister because it wont move from the main page

had a look at removing flash player but I get a message that flash is already included in windows 8 need to get in touch direct with windows help line let you know how I go on and post it here for others if they too get this problem

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Try opening the calender with another web browser, this can help
or reset your settings of internet explorer to standard options

I have no problem opening the doors my problem has been hitting a winning door.......that is until today..... A nice 200 mob points to add to my tally. Thank you very much you wonderful people at BRM.


Yesterday Bankrollmob supprized me veryyyyyyyyyyyyy good!!!
27-Nov-13 15:54 GMT Request cashout: 5000 MobPoints (~$50) 5000
27-Nov-13 15:40 GMT Giftoffer request approved 5000
Now i must to wait for my money from Bankrollmob.
Wish you luck guys and make more wins.

Almost 20 days past since the last post of OP in this thread, so OP did you managed finally to solve it?

Damosk, congrats on your win, i forgot how long ago i won a mob points prize on bankrollmob calendar.

I would try reinstalling the flash. This is worth doing because the calendar is worth opening every day because of the great prizes there. I have been opening them every day for a few years now and have won numerous prizes so good luck to you and i hope it works soon

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