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i was playing a dollar tourney on 888 poker no big thing and had chipped up to around ten thousand after about ten mins i was then dealt aj off suit the bb was on me and i was called mid table by an austrailian username pocket22s i reraised four big blinds he went all in i called he showed kq hearts the flop gave me an ace and no draws for him turn notghing river nothing i won the pot and the aussie rebought and then called me a donk a loser and then said that KQsuited was a better hand than AJ off suit. i laughed this off but he continued to labast me and could not get it into his head that i had better cards and then he told me to go and brush up on my poker skills. he would not tell me the name of the poker book he had read but thank feck. Aww crap!

AJo is obviously better than KQs, however - I would much rather get KQs that Ajo, it's a much more 'playable' hand.

If I knew it was going to be all-in heads up, then I would obviously choose AJ over KQ every time.. But yeah, QKs is a much easier hand to play than AJo.

Texas Holdem for Dummies perhaps?

i wonder what the odds are. i bet there is not much difference between KQs and AJo. This player is a just a bad loser and i doubt that he has ever read a poker book and just seen 2 pretty picture cards and got excited Big Smile

Posted by doubletop777:
i wonder what the odds are. i bet there is not much difference between KQs and AJo.

heads up AJo vs KQs 56.3% vs 43.7%

Just to be honoust :

I would never go allin with AJo nor with KQs

analyse play : middle position KQs calls (even a standard raise is acceptable)

BB has AJo --> I would just call this to see the flop (opponent expects you not to have such a hand when you check)

You reraise this (out of position) --> if your opponent checks you ll be having problems with an A on the flop as he could have AQ or AK

Now he goes allin --> or he s bluffing or he has slowplayed a monster hand
even if he has a low pocke3t pair he s slightly in fav versus your AJ

I would fold here defenitely

This resulted a flipcoin about 56 % vs 44%

Perhaps your Opponent reads only one book lifetime: the City map. This was the strategy, never read a book and than you make no mistakes Big Smile Is a solid strategy for maniacs...

I too think the KQ suited is a much more playable hand being that you have the extra advantage of completing a flush, although Ace Jack off is a more powerfull hand,....but not by much!

I believe he was reading '$H!T For Brains Poker For Online Beginners'.... Confused

For him to argue THAT by calling you down CLEARLY points to who exactly the pinhead is here,....and it's NOT you... Big Smile

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