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I haven't played in a few days. Just taking a break. But I'm working on the Action Poker Bonus right now. Have completed 1200 of the 2600 points I need.

What pokerroom are you playing at right now?

a lot on Full Tilt since there are a lot of my league games. im having a lot of fun playing in the gwaaanpokerleague and its not a bad value too. Smile

i also have some free tourney tickets for Poker770 i am using. a bonus i clear at moment at CDpoker, but i dont feel im in a rush. for freerolls i am also playing other pages in between. Cool

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Cool, I just deposited at Poker770 and Pokerstars and have to work off those deposit bonuses too.

Anyway, any big freerolls you're playing?

Enjoy 770 lots of bad players there, even at the higher tables i got $7.70 for free from them turned it in to 600 ish but left cus i hate seeing casinos on a poker site they just sap my hard earnd money in seconds, iv no played pokerstars yet, I see BRM has an add for them but no nodeposit or rakeback so i leave them for now.

I'm also playing a lot at Full Tilt, trying to win a satellite for the a MSOP event, never played one yet just waiting for the perfect one.

I play on sunpoker right now, pretty good site.
But at the end of the month want to go to PKR or lucky ace dont know yet Smile

PKRs fun to play but its like a zoo in there, 10 seater tables are usless 30 hands ph no point in playing them, sng are good very easy at low stakes, it makes me laugh seeing ppl with all the pkr gear thinking they are the dogs, I like the site but 10% rake is to high
its good but overall to slow (not my comp), full tilt is my next stop or possably cd poker as the sent me a nice begging letter with some nice promos.

i play at mansion right now ... tried a little excursion to limit cashgame went down to 500$ Sad now i play SnGs again and am up to 600$ again !!!
i will stay with my SnGs i think muuuuch better than cashgame Worship

Me too Smile I like sit n go's much better.
But for bonus hunting its better to play cash games you get much faster your points.......

sngs are my favourite, what I like is there is only 1 winner. Check this out, I received it from poker770, not sure if I have to work off the $20.

"We are glad to offer you a bonus of $20.00 which corresponds to the Father's Day promotion."

See you at the tables and good luck!

-Poker770 Casino

i play on everest,after a devilish losing streak and the tilt of my poker carreer i banned myself from pokerstars just couldnt see the site anymore,i wouldnt go as far as some people and say pokerstars is rigged but it is way too unrandom when you flop a set of jacks and you know that the othe rguy hits his backdoor straight seven out of ten times then its just too much.
well i deposited 15 bucks on everest made three final tables and won 290 dollars in one week,not too bad, then i felt like the new phil hellmuth and donked my balance down to 130 .now i forced myself to play in the lowest sit and go tourneys they offer,to cool down and learn how to use my brain again,still got a lot to learn.
now my main focus is developing good poker habits such as beeing strict with my bankroll management , patience and avoiding errors , i believe i can become real good but i have to get the right mindset first.
if someone plays on everest let me know im always ready for a little heads up match Smile

I used to play on everest, good site but for some reason so f*king slow on my computer so too bad.
But nice sit n go's there, lots you can choose from Smile

I still have to find the best poker room for me but i think i'm gonna establish on pokerstars beacause of the big traffic and the variety of games.

I play on sunpoker.
Today i played sit n go and talked to a dutch player living 10km from my place Smile

But thats not the story, he told me he had rakeback + bonus, i have only bonus!!!
He told me how to do it and now i also have both!
But stupid if i done it earlier my bankroll was bigger Aww crap!

Rakeback is 30% and i just calculated that bonus is 18,75% rakeback (playing sit n go's)

So all the time i had 18,75% rakeback and could have 48,75% rakeback damn Aww crap!

Guys search on the internet there are lots of great rakeback deals Smile

I play on Action Poker, win money is easy in AP
You got to know when to hol'dem
know when to foldem
know when to walk away
know when to run

I don't like that song too much lol. It's country and I don't liek country Sad

Ya, Action poker has lots of donks and easy money and lots of bad beats.

The best donkeys i''ve found so far are on carbon poker and on pacific poker!! i've never seen playing so bad!

Just now im only playing at Action POker i think is one of the best site to win money.
Very many donks including mee.
I hope many more players will find Action poker but only bad players so i continue to win . Action poker have a great bonus system easy to clear Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

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