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Hello Mobsters,

I've just missed to share with you something very important about the sharks, I think.

Well, I saw that BankrollMob nickname Natasha (a female russian name). He is a man from UK, who is a very good player, I'd say he is a shark. Congratulations to to that guy! Smile But I am trying to say something else. When I saw his BankrollMob nickname, I did remmber a story which was told to us by a poker pro (from Spain or Brazil) when I worked for the poker industry in the past.

The Pro told us:

Remember that all the sharks, the big players who you will find at the tables, they will have female nicknames, their avatars are with female photos and these players want to confuse you that they are fishes, they hide thier sex, most of them are males but they want to think that you are playing against a female.

Do you remember what Daniel Negranu said about female players at the interview which I posted yesterday? Daniel said:

You can’t read women. Men are really dumb when it comes to reading body language in comparison to women. Women are so much more in touch with their intuitive side than men are. I generally have more trouble playing against women. One woman in particular, a Finnish lady that I’ve played in tournaments with for the past 10 years absolutely owns me. I may as well play my cards face up because she always knows what I have anyway.

Let's make it clear! I am not saying that female poker players are weaker than male poker players. Don't get me wrong! They are good as us, some of them even better than us!

But what I am trying to say is from what was being told to us is that you have to be very careful when you meet female avatars and female nicknames when you play at the tables, because you don't know actually who is behind these usernames. It could be a real huge shark! This poker pro worked for a very famous poker site, and we had a training period in that company. He was our coach.

If I remember something else interesting, I will share it with you, but that was four years ago and the memories almost gone from these poker lections.

Now, do you get my point? I hope this info might be helpful to all of you. That is why I decided to share with all of you!

Good luck at the table and be suspicious about these things!

Best Regards,

great article thank a lot man Cool

Yeah i got the point here, in brief you are trying to tell us that we should never underestimate women in poker. BTW when I play women or men under women nickname or avatar, I always play cautiously but I love playing them too cause they usually play TAG which is my fav type of opponents Cool

yeah i tend to agree with peter here...women are so dangerous in poker...especially when playing live- you think you're playing against a woman, when suddenly she slips from the chair, tears her skirts and her salami is unleashed out of sexy thong Shock turns out she is really fcukin pervert...playing poker against women is really dangerous Evil

You just have to play the cards sometimes and not overthink who you are playing against. If you spend too much time focussing on other players you will never play your own game properly. Just play your own way

And i thought, this women gives me a nice dirty talk Cool But i´m not sure, that a real pro sit at the table with a female picture. Nearly every player at the higher levels use a tracking software or other pro informations.

I also saw some good players that i knew that they were men but they had women nicknames and also women avatars(on ftp).

However this you can find on lower levels, really top pros do not this type of things. Maybe on lower stakes it can be an edge at tables.

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