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So I'm trying to connect my Skrill to my bank to make a withdrawel to my bank in Canada. My bank is one of the top big names...

On the Skrill 'Add A Bank' page they want:


SWIFT code

Bank Name

Account #

I filled in Country, Bank, and Acct#,....but it came back incomplete and to add the 'SWIFT' code...

So I phoned my bank. She said a Swift code is used for wire transfers or something like that and that they charge $17.50 to receive them.....and that could be in addition to the cost of a wire thingy...... which is like $30 isn't it...???

I will phone Skrill tomorrow.

YOU were saying something about it ONLY costing YOU $2-$3 to transfer from Skrill to your bank... How are you doing that...??? Did you have to use a Swift code...??? Tell me what you know...

What am I doing wrong...???

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Hi Demo,

Banks charge you a monthly service fee based on the number of transactions you make, so speak to someone in their service department and tell them that you make wire transfers and that you want it to be part of your monthly package. My withdrawals go through without any extra charges from the bank. Just that monthly fee which helps to ensure that these crooks make a shitload of profit every year. Angry

don't let that teller terrorize you...just get the SWIFT code from them and submit it to Skrill...they need it to do the transfer. As far as extra charges for incoming bank doesn't charge anything...they did once...that was from a payment transferred to my account directly from the poker site. After joining $3-$4 fee and that's it. Hope this helps Smile

Thanks for the helpfull reply guys!!!

I phoned Skrill today (44 203 514 5562 ...for your records),...but I was on hold way too long and had to leave, I'll phone them again tomorrow.

I see they have a new site,...but on the old site I see they only charged like $2.45 to withdraw a good chunk of money... which is reasonable I guess considering I've done about a dozen or more other transactions for free... Smile

I'll have to phone the bank again and talk to someone else... Sleepy

You better check if the specific phone number has charges and if so, how much is it
I have paid some big amounts in the past waiting on hold, for a long time.
And their email responses take ages some times, so you have to use the phone.

wow almost $20 for that... canadian banks are greedy Big Smile my bank charges me like $1,99 a month and skrill usually charges $2,50 or so for bank transfer. never used wire/cheque though, because its the most expensive option. most of the time, thats it.

I get charged $15 for money received from skrill,so I make sure that when I make withdraw its a big one otherwise its not worth it for me.
I play on its free and fast cash outs plus easy money there.

I only used moneybookers a couple of times but it costed like 2 bucks for wire transfer directly to my account or like 5$ for sending a check. Normally they don't take more than 3-5% I think. I don't understand why your bank would want you to pay 17,50$, that's pretty weird. Maybe open an account somewhere else Big Smile

P.S. What they ask for is "Bank Code" I think, not "Bank Name".

Cant you get the Mastercard that moneybookers issues?
You can load the card with the money you have into your account.
The fees applied there are with no doubt lower than the ones your bank charges.

"offtopic" - Hello xxxpokerxxx1 ! I win a token FULL TILT at mobcalendars... like you.
You received the token in your poker account?

all of our banks here are big names, but I use TD and I've had money transfered this way from poker sites like bet fred, and there was no fee to receive the money. so you should double check with someone that actually knows what their talking about.

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