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hi mobsters ive been playing poker now for 3 years and was wondering if some of you could look up my stats and give me some feedback my pokerstars screen name is steh222 and my 888 screen name is steh79 you can check these on pokerprolabs or offical poker rankings or anyother site you know of and let me know what you think i read a thread not long ago whare a mobber sead he regulary checks hes appoments on these sites and was wondering if one of my opponments checked me out what would he think thank you in advance if you look me up and i want the truth as i am always trying to inprove my game gl at the tables

your doin well, what i see in OPR, just try always to play better than before, and find your hapiness in poker. Thumbs Up
I saw you had som good cashes from micro Tourney. and thats promising. Try to thinkk where and how you loose or spend your money in order to biuld an solid bankroll.

Good job, keep up your good work. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Very difficult to conclude anything from the stats visible on these sites. You must be very patient though, playing such large fields Smile This is a great trait to have in MTT poker.

Have you studied at all? Watched any video's or read any books? Understand basic maths (pot odds, equity calls, push/fold ranges with certain stacks)? Do you take notes on opponents? Have a general feel for "opponent types" to make assigning ranges to them a quicker task?

I found this was a way I improved my game

I have to agree with the post above, it's hard to study the game of a player just by the results...

Considering that you are playing tournaments you have luck because mtt are probably the best documented types of poker. I would suggest reading some good mtt poker books and also some instructional vids might help improve your game.

Keep going mate! Just dont try to push over yourself and your luck and the money will come easy Blink

Do you see any kind of signal by interpreting the nicks?

I read somewhere recently an interview with a very good player, he said he used to look up some players on a statistics site and then based his game against them, to some degree, on those statistics, this proved more harm than good. Nowadays he only uses the statistics site to track his own performance, broken down by game level, type NLHE, PLOmaha, etc. etc. to see where he is doing well, and where he can improve. I think this is a much better approach as players games can change sometimes even over a short period, players can go through a break up or start a new job, and sometimes these outside influences can affect your game.

That said, your approach here, to effectively get a secondary view on your own stats through other BRMers, could add some value, if their feedback is honest and you take on board what they say and then implement any change required such as extra reading, drop or raise a level, etc.

Finally, as opposed to what stanj says above, good players do not wait for luck to change, they implement a reprogramming of their game when needed to keep sharp and the only luck they have is bad luck, when "lesser" players draw out on them etc.

Good luck on the felt and hopefully see you at the BRM home game, check out the forum thread and come and join us.

3P out.

PS as per the above, I did not check your stats.

As far as I am concerned starting hands are key folding trash like j2 off q3 off and so on is the way I roll. Generally I only play pairs,high connectors, suited connectors(nothing too low if I am shorty unless i'm paying the BB) The reason I play so tight is because every pot I enter I aim to win! 3 betting trash with potential also works for me at times they all either fold or I get something on the flop if you are playing really tight and you 3bet 2 cards that can form a low end straight nobody will expect it so If you make the nuts on flop or turn they are well in jail especially if they hit there high card then you can just take them down to value town Blink!! good luck from what I hear you play good!

But i really have a Question.
You start a sit n go, you got AQs at the CO...
2 players limps in, UTG & UTG+1. blinds are 15/30
3rd player rais to 120.

you rais to (120*4)+30+30=420 in chips, (u start with 1500 chips)

Small Blind shovs.. UTG calls and the first raiser CALL...

Whats your move? and why?

If this is the first hand be nearly impossible to get a read from them so even though we have committed 420 to the pot it seems to me by the way the other 3 have played it they are attempting to trap us with either middle pairs or high pairs so all of our opponents are ahead preflop just too suspicious for me think with that much action immediately after I raise so big(more than a quarter of my stack) I'd fold it and then just take it on the chin if I'd have either paired my AQ,form a straight or make that nut flush that's poker though always happens when you fold a good hand like that!

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