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G'day mates

I just checked my email today and this arrived over night from Skrill.

Dear Leonard Spencer,

We would like to inform you that, having reviewed its operations, Skrill has reached a decision to cease processing gambling payments in Canada. Payments in to gambling merchants will no longer be processed from 2 January, with payments out discontinuing on 31 January.

Merchants have already been notified of this change and we encourage you to withdraw any funds you have in merchant systems before 31 January.

Skrill would like to thank you for your custom and hopes that you continue to make use of its services outside of gambling.

You can still use your Skrill wallet to make safe and fast online payments – using your bank account or debit and credit cards without having to enter any sensitive details online. You can also upload and send money internationally to anyone with an email address.

Best wishes,


I think this really sucks out load. I just lost my primary method for cashing out mob points.
Did any other shrill users get this type of email or is it really just us Canadian's ?
be cool

Ronin Cool

G'Day RoninHarper,
I know skrill was the ideal payment processor about depositing and withdrawing from many sites,but if you want my opinion i stoped using them years ago and joined Neteller.I know neteller has higher chargeback percentages but if you think that has a great point system and many bonuses each account level keeps them equal.Anyway another method withdrawing BRM points would be the following:1)create a partypoker account if you don't have yet and ask your payment from BRM there,after if you want you can play with that money or if you want you can ask a withdraw via bank wire transfer or check(i think is possible for Canada)

Yeah Ron, they are totally screwing us!!!! You think with that with the Canadian business that Skrill gets, they would still want to have us as customers. Unless ofcourse it is a new legislation our wonderful government has passed or will pass soon prohibiting Skrill from accepting customers from Canada.

I myself have not received that sort of email.

You can use Neteller if Skrill do that for Canadian.

Neteller is free same as Skrill. You can transfer you money to neteller from stars. Because you dont need deposit first on stars to withdraw to neteller.

I have both accounts on neteller and skrill. But I am using neteller all the time. Stars and Tilt deposit and withdraws takes second.

I hope you will sort it out

Have fun

U can still use the skrill account for cashing out to your bank account, then after several days u recive you money in the bank you can deposite to any poker room?
isnt that a option for u ? Sleepy

Cant understand why they ended up, in such a decision.
Its not like with USA that players are restricted from playing at the moment.
Canadians can play in all sites.
Has any low changed recently? If not probable were losing money or the profit didnt
worth it.

G'day mober

Well no laws have changed that I have heard about but I have not really been paying any attention to the so-called government.
Governments in my opinion are just legalized mafia in most cases.
I know there are a few good people involved with the government, but the good ones are so out numbered by the corrupt majority of scum bags that they do not stand a chance to make real worth while changes.
That has become my personal opinion.
best of luck to you.
be cool

Ronin Cool

Got the same mail tpday...thinking of pulling out of on line poker altogether...this just might be the last nail in the coffin for me.

Then iy must have been the profit area.
And now you are left with only one big ewallet, Neteller.
That will boost business for them.

i must admit i've been having problems with skrill as well, even though i am not that close to Canada at all. really considering dumping them and transferring my millions to neteller like many mobsters are recommending. old moneybookers was a good e-wallet, now this skrill looks like a piece of sh1t.

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