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Is this true?Everything is luck or algorithm?I want to share my experience and seeing,about winnings and wastings.Recently wins many tournaments ,maybe my game is raised,but why i lose on cash?I know that this is two diferent styles of playing and in cash I played very tight,but still loosing money.Why?And then when my bankroll reach bottom,i reg some kind of tourney ,and always finished in good place $$$.Anybody who have opinion,please reply me,i want to know other people with same statistic!Thanks GL ALL Big Smile

p.s.-sorry for my english

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Maybe because both require different playstyles. If you are good with tournaments then you should stick to it.

Posted by adok:
Maybe because both require different playstyles. If you are good with tournaments then you should stick to it.

Exactly this - I used to do the same thing; win a bunch playing MTTs then lose it all playing cash tables.. Cash if a much more difficult game to be honest, it's not hard to make a positive ROI playing tournaments, trying to beat the rake playing ring games is extremely difficult.. You mention you play very tight; this is probably the problem, you might be folding too much, or something else, who know's. What is clear is this:

You are not a good cash game player.. It's best that you face this fact, once you do then (and only then) you have two choices:

A) Avoid the cash tables; and make money from tourneys

B) Get good at cash; at the very least this should involve buying something like HEM/PT and studying your hands, figuring out your leaks, etc. If you're really keen - maybe invest in some training, or at least some training apps like Leak-Buster and something like Table-Ninja can be handy too.

But you must accept you're a losing cash-game player.. If you keep thinking you're playing well but just getting unlucky, then you'll never get better because you're not studying your flaws because you're denying you even have them. Poker is full of big ego's and to get good at the game you need to swallow your ego and accept that maybe you're not as good as you think you are; once you do this you open up the door to real learning and the chance to actually improve.

It is strange when this keeps happening, but you see this quite often that people excel at tournaments and lose in cash games. I would keep playing the tournaments if i were you and just play very minimal cash games and dont risk your bankroll

My opinions is that as you said tournaments are different than cash.The point in poker is to find in what game,what type of game(MMT-Cash-SnG) and what stakes you are profitable player.Ofcourse if you deposit some Dollar Dollar trying just to enjoy nevermind it and just play wherever you want,but if you try to build a roll or to maintain one you have to find where you are good and stay there until the time you see you're not good anymore.

This reminds me of a friend who is very good in tournaments but always lose his money on cash games and sitngo heads up and the worst thing is that he doesn't stick to BR management... but hey he has a decent job and he said that money is not important it's just the game as he a real lover of NL Holdem...

Hmm this is just random, you are seeing coincidence everywhere when you are losing. Like you cannot win AA twice if you just won the first AA flip. You just getting lucky, variance is on your side and still you are losing money in cash games. Maybe switch to playing tourneys only as it seems you can make the money fairly often.

It would be more profitable but is time consuming. Good luck!

win in tourney and lose on cash huh...forget what you read above, some people just don't have a clue that this is all a real funky setup to milk money out of your pockets- online poker operators allow you to cash in mtt's (~$754 is the median amount) and then make you lose everything at the cash tables with uber sick setups (like you 36o beaten by random dudes AA's)...then you feel frustrated and make a deposit, then reload then lose everything again...seem familiar all can be avoided- just buy my e-book: "how to make $30 a year on p(.)(.)kerstars and live like a king from it"

Jesse really summed it all up.

I used to be in the same boat, win at tourneys then lose at cash. For some reason I used to think, if I can win at tourneys then I can win at cash...definitely not the case.

However, I have had to play cash (with a gun to my head..not really) as I don't have the time for tourneys. And I'm now very solid at it but again like jesse said, the ROI is insanely tough to increase especially on lower stakes. I've not had much time but I'm scarcely up from 3 months ago despite playing well.

In life stick to what you're good at unless you need to change/ adapt

Posted by pochui:
just buy my e-book: "how to make $30 a year on p(.)(.)kerstars and live like a king from it"

I bought this book and it was just full of pictures of boobs. Not saying I don't recommend it, in fact - my wife was telling me earlier today (I'm not kidding either) that apparently men who stare at boobs every day, on average, live longer (better blood pressure, less heart problems and such).

Let me see if I can find a link.

(and yes, I know it's a hoax Tongue )

Cash and tournaments are totally different poker styles, so you need to start from beginning to learn the cash strategy if you want to play that!

If you win good at tournaments i would suggest to stick to them until you have a steady win rate there Blink

try a different variant of cash games. only then will you find your strongfront, and stick to it. i had a hard time at the NLHE cash tables until i switched up to omaha hi. never looked back since.your best bet is to try it and see what works. Big Smile

The rue is playng in tournament is good to e loose agresive player and cash good to be tight agressive , nothing to do in low limits , try to play zoom rush poker tables.

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