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Eureka3 Prague: PokerStars Qualifier Leads Final Table!

The Eureka3 Prague Main Event drew a field of 1,315 players - who have battled it out for the past few days and become a final table of 8. The finalists will return at noon local time and fight for a first prize of €226,400! The chip leader is the Canadian PokerStars qualifier Ami Barer (picture above) with 7.2 million in chips. The 22-year-old "only" needs to finish in 5th place to secure t[...]   Read more » Eureka3 Prague: PokerStars Qualifier Leads Final Table!

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not shocked over that names, and including that most of players are associaded to pokerstars.
Still Hope the 1 of qualifiers takes this down, since i think they worked very hard to get there, wishes all all for all of them though. Big Smile

nice final & prize

This guy is no ordinary online qualifier, he has won millions online and is very highly rated.Dont know much about the other people left in but he must have a great chance of winning this

Always so refreshing to hear that online pros are transitioning to live poker and crushing afterwards, he played well and is among the rising generation. Hope to hear more from him and hop that he get the win, would be great for him!

Good luck, gogo Canada!

The EPT Prag tv livescreen at stars started today. This live tourney series are the best in the world at the Moment in my opinion. My favorite stations are Barcelona and Berlin, but the final in Monte Carlo are also verry nice.

This event last year was most popular in european countrues and very few players from other continents were registered but it seems this year it really boomed Big Smile

It will be interesting if the chip leader will be able to play the biggest stack advantage good and finish on the podium Smile

this is the guy called "uhhmee" the top player i mentioned a long time ago here on bankrollmob ..some must remember i did.. as i said before uhhmee is the best..already 6.2 million in online winnings ..going for the big live tourneys now.. i think he's going for the next lvl ,,since he plays sponsored online and probably had to share most of his online winnings over the past years..I expect we will see him more often in those live events and also predict him to dominate the tables there...isuldur,dwann,ivey ..look out !!!

BankrollMob Forum » News » Eureka3 Prague: PokerStars Qualifier Leads Final Table!

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