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I requested the no deposit bonus from my bet 2 weeks back, and now they are asking for a copy of my government issued id, here it is against the law to ask for and photocopy any government id, so ime not sure what going to happen now, any ideas??

Not sure on how many poker sites do you played so far or if you ever cashed out from one but almost all poker sites request a copy of ID(it also can be drivers license)...

If now your account is blocked it will continue remain that way if you do not send the requested copy.

All most all poker sites ask you,for Id,I have used my government issued Id card all the time,even pokerstars and fulltilt have asked for Id,and I have sent them scanned copy s of my ids,the only ones i might not send any thing too are the new smaller sites,I have to trust a site before I send them any thing,and they need a good rep,too.My bet has been around for awhile,I would have no issue sending them any thing,but its up too you,if you don't feel safe then don't send any thing.

G'Day #jasoncashton,
yes as 2 Mobsters before me said allmost all poker or gampling sites will ask you for a valid copy for identification of your age etc.This "I think" is not illegal.One good advise i would give you is to copy anything you want(driver's licence,passport id etc)but before you mail it just go to a painting program and write down e.g (For "MYBET" use only)and make sure this thing you type muct catch into the id area.

Well, no one asked me for a copy of anything ever. And i have accounts on more than 10 Platform of poker. + lots of Casino. Cashed from many of them but they didnt asked for any copy. And i wont send any copy to small sites if they ask for it.

Have a nice day / night and GL.

It is not illegal. You have the option to comply or not.
Also if you check the terms and conditions, in all sites before signing up, you will see
they are mentioning, that you may require to provide identification.
Dont expect the bonus otherwise.

Like mober says

I think you first need to verificate you account before , after verification they will add your bonus.
- Proof of ID: A coloured copy of your passport, driver's licence or valid ID Card. Please ensure that all data is clearly visible.

- Proof of your registered address: Bank or credit card statement, utility bill (water, electricity, phone bill etc.). Kindly ensure that ur name and surname, as well as your address and the issuing date (not older than three months) are clearly visible.

If you do not have a scanner, we are glad to accept a picture of said documents taken by digital camera.

Posted by qzmag:
Cashed from many of them but they didnt asked for any copy.

That's really bizzaree - a lot of rooms will let you take no deposits bonuses and even make deposits (usually up to a fairly small limit) and never ask for ID. But almost every site will ask for ID before allowing a cashout - it's super standard.

I've got nothing against the idea of not wanting to share your government documents, identity theft is a legitimate concern, however - if you're unwilling to provide an online poker room with your government ID, then DON'T play on the site, because chances are - sooner or later pretty much every site will eventually ask you for ID. Particularly if you ever plan on cashing out.

Also, no idea where you got the idea of it being illegal from; especially since we're talking about sites that most likely don't even operate in your legal jurisdiction.

Probably they didnt ask for my ID, cause ive always played from same IP. I have fixed IP, NOT routabil one. So this must be a factor. Ive made a deposit with same IP, played with same IP, and cashed out with same IP

I pay for my IP per year, not much, but i pay.

Have a nice day and GL.

have to agree with most mobsters - it's a standard procedure. what really makes me scratch my head is- why the hell you think they should give their money left and right without even making sure that they are giving it away to real people and not fake accounts? and what is other reliable method of checking that you are who you claim you are? add to this the fact that many sites are forced to ask for such documents by the jurisdictions that they operate in and you should get the full picture.

I understand and know what your all saying but in Canada it is against the law to photocopy or scan any government id, and on that note if say a pokersite is caught with copies of ids then theres an even bigger problem, as a Canadian there are very very few sites I can play on and never once been asked for id, I play and cashout regular at pokerstars and never had to prove who I am......

They asked me for my ID,but now they ask me for a bill,my problem is i don't pay any bills what should I do?

It seems things work totally different for you there.
Here even public services ask for copies of your ID's
You cant pretty much do anything without it.
For example in order to open a bank account you need to give
a copy of your government photo ID.
If you refuse, you just cant open one.

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