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Bad beat or bad play?  0   
6 tabled sit n go i picked up (button) A Spade K Heart
Beginning of tourney blinds 15-30.
Early position raise 200, i call.....

Flop 10 Club Q Spade 2 Spade

He bets 60, i call...

Turn 4 Spade

He bets 60, i call...

River 10 Spade

He is allin, i call....

He shows QQ so my flush lost againt full house.

But my question is did i play bad?
Did i had to reraise him preflop? I think not!
Did i had to fold after flop? Or after turn?
Did i had to fold after he went allin? I think not.
I think i played it right its not really a bad beat i think.
I think its the one and only.......
'''Thats poker!'''' Smile

without knowing the exactly potodds, u called a gutshot on the flop, with two overcards
and a bet of 60 at the turn isnt very hard to pay holding A of clubs, i dont know exactly but a fold on the flop would have been most clever at least on the turn

Evil Evil Evil Gotta love poker Big Smile always face the risk if the board pairs up. Shock
allin on river with all 4 spades out there and him not holding the ace.big bluff.but no.....row row row ya boat gently dow........ Evil Evil Evil

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Think you shoulf have folded on the flop, have to give him credit for a hand there.

i totaly agree with godlike666...You must fold on the flop...bad play Angry Angry Angry
good luck for the next sng or tournet

Looking at the preflop betting you must put him on a good hand and probably a high pair or similar hand as u. and on the flop when he bets 2xBB get u to consider the hands he could hold. And in the early part of a SNG you should consider playing more tight than you normally would and missing the table with a perflop > 6xBB equals a fold from u but again it is a bad luck river

.....but you should never have gone past the flop Sad

Can't fold the flop IMO. Getting around 7-1 on your money.
Can't really comment on the hand to much as you left out stack sizes. Also with the betting structure it looks like he or she was attempting to lure you in, so when the boards paired on the river you'd have to assume your opponent had a full house, but then again it is very hard to fold a hand as strong as yours without reads on the opponent.

Pre-Flop - Not bad. Have position. Re-raising also an option but early in a SNG with no real reads I prefer the flat call on the button.

Flop - Fine, you were getting 7-1 on your money

Turn - Fine, you picked up more outs and your opponent is just inviting you to suck out on him offering you those odds.

River - I don't hate the call but I don't like it either. I might have folded and waited for a better spot as it is still early and the way the hand was played it was quite possible your flush was going to be second best.

Stacks were 1615 versus 1505 and the guy i played against i know!
He play very loose play against him a lot.
I win a lot from him in situations like this so i think next time i do it again.
But had 105 left and after this did pretty good got to 875 then died with QQ versus AK.

not bad play or a bad beat, the only thing i think you should have done is raised on the flop to see how you stood, he may have put you all in then and then its a easy fold, but the all in on the river im not sure, you still had a lot left to play with but you couldent put him on FH and knowing he is loose, im not sure....

Problem is preflop. You just can not call this. With AKo oop you have to either reraise or let it go. With the blinds this low and faced with a high raise from early position folding may be the best option. You have to give him credit for a good hand.

Don't worry man it's not a bad play, it's just bad development of things. You interpreted his raise as a steal then u kept on calling his small bets with a gut shot and 2 big cards, plus you mad an ace high flush on the river.... it just had to happen man

Yes razzor this is exactly how i see it Smile

When someone raises 7 times bb than he means business lol. I like fold/all in. Fold if hes tight, all in if hes loose. To invest 200 into blinds 15/30 and than facing a con bet a high percentage of time if just not worth it I think.

Well your strategy is perfect at higher levels but most of the time it ain't good playing on the net since people plays random so their actions aren't guided either by their logic or math

Posted by razzor:
Don't worry man it's not a bad play, it's just bad development of things. You interpreted his raise as a steal then u kept on calling his small bets with a gut shot and 2 big cards, plus you mad an ace high flush on the river.... it just had to happen man

He didn't "kept calling" with gutter he called 60 on pot 460 with gutter+2 overs, turned nuts-flush draw+he had the top str8 draw+2 overs. I don't think anyone "steals" from early pos. with a 6,6BB raise before everyone, he clearly has cards. But opponent played terrible, he forces you to draw out on him by giving you the best odds possible which most people in this thread obv don't understand.
With 4 cards to a flush on board and opponent shoves before you it smells like house but at the lower levels I think it's a cooler imo you could have raised the turn but the conservative line is ok too just the wrong Spade that popped up.

Your opponent played terrible, this is obv not a board to slow play a set on, so coordinated with both str8 and flush draw possible on flop. He played it so bad that it would have been justice if you had drawn out on him.

GG doomdy back on the horse Cool

BTW throw stack sizes on HH next time you will get more detailed anwers and maybe don't reveal oppoenets cards so you will be able to see who's talking nonsence and who's got a point.(people are so clever when they know what your opponent has)

Nah its an okay play. There was about 435 in the pot... Bet 60. you were getting 7-1 on a call. Which is ok (you didnt know he had QQ) K might have been good or A. and 10 was giving you the nut. Bet 60 on the turn you were getting 9-1 ... only needed 4-1 2 a call with a flush draw.. + nut str8 draw.. River Another Spade thats just bad luck but theres was no way you could have folded on the river.

I just started poker, play for a month now (did some poker in the past).
I'm making money with sit n go's and my gameplay is gettin better.
Sometimes when i read the forum i learn new things sometimes not Blink
But i'm sure i'm play better then in the beginning, win more, and i feel i can read better and better (in beginning didnt read opponenet at all).
This was an example of a hand i was thinking ''did i play it right or bad?''.
For sure i know the guy and i make a lot of profit on him just at good reading, that day he win but also think he got little help on the river cos every other spade gives me the nuts right? I dont hear anybody about this?

I'm not saying i play good poker but i know now that at $10 sit n go's i make money, good profit, dont know how it goes if playing like $20 or $50 or even $100 sit n go's but i like the game so much so much Smile

But i want to learn and learn and i know your better and more experienced then me, thats why its so strange not every1 has same conclusion.
Same say you played it right you got unlucky, other say you played bad play, other say you had to raise Smile

Most of the times i fold this hand in this situation after the flop, but i play a lot at this guy he is terrible loose Cool

I'm learning about pot/oods now and goin ok, didnt do the pot/oods stuff in the beginning at all just feelings Tongue
But my opinion is that pot/oods is more difficult in sit n go then in cash is that right?
Sometimes if calculate pot/odds you have to make the call but with 4 people left your instinct tell you ''fold''. Many times your right, next hand 4th person died and your in the money.
I'm using pot/odds in the early and middle stages of the tourney, when blinds really go high i calculate my pot/odds but just dont allways make the call cos my pot/odds are saying me to do this.

I hope i'm not telling crap cos maybe my terms and everything arent right Tongue

When i check my results is like this:
10tabled sit n go: nr1 12%, nr2 16% nr3 24%, nr4-nr10 58%

Can somebody tells me is this ok? I know i make profit with this but what are your results so i can check it Smile

I did try cash games but dont like it, dont know why, like the sit n go's cos i do everything to win them. Cashgame you can only win not really beat your opponent (understand what i mean?)

I luv poker so much yeah Worship

Ya, I like that flop and would often raise that flop if its for high stakes. But I definitely would be scared of that preflop raise and don't think you played it bad.

hmm a bit unlucky, you may could have raised the flop or turn, or folded the river...

Raised the flop the turn...Not really he had a drawing hand. He was getting pot-odd for callling... Raising. Would be a stupid play. Because hes opponent he could re-raise and call. Re-raise : your fucked... No more (odd) Call. Well you got no idea what he called with he might had a draw or 2 pair or trips. Then if you miss the river he might get tricky and check-raise you. You played it perfectly. I mean . Honestly. the 60$ bet was awesome 4 u to call... folding and raising.. not awesome... And there was no way you could have folded the river... For all we knew the guy could have been chasing the flush... Or he could have been bluffing... Horrible play with trips... Good call.
I usually play nl 1-2$ 2-4$ -3-6$ 5-10$ Sit And go and Tournament. And it aint a fish lol

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