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How many times this happened to all?  0

Unlucky split

Just watched the clip.
It happens sometimes. While its unlucky with others hitting like that,
it has saved me also Smile a couple of times, so i cant complain.
At least when there others in the pot you get a few more chips, than splitting the blinds.

Unlucky for you but not for Player 4. Big Smile

At least in tournaments you do not lose money in these cases cause of rake.
So many times I have ended all-in and spliting the spot in cash game, and therefore with less money cause the pokersite always takes rake Aww crap!

Gl next one man!

Quite a lot of times actually but it happens. It's just sick how they extra card comes out and they get the split pot.

It happens, it's true that not too often but it happens...

Now i'm not sure if it has something to do with stars, it happens on all poker sites, something similar happend to me on ftp and 888 too.

Hmm nothing strange here,just a chop.
The Strange thing would be if he hit J on turn and A on the river Big Smile
Actually what you expected him to have,o.k it was a lucky card the T for him but not too bad luck for you.
P.s.1 Did you learned anything from this hand for your oponent?How it looks you he's action of checking preflop in this donkfest that many other players would have gone all in preflop with JA suited?
P.s.2 I'm sad cause JokerStars stopped for a while 100K freerolls for Greek players becuse it was a good and prety easy way for extra Dollar Dollar (Hope will let "us" play again before this promo ends)

Yeah it happens I know... Its funny actually... But hey, that is stars lol

Few times I had A K with A A K on flop, other guy had A 3, he went all in, ofc I called, and on river it was K and we split lol.

And Guffy, weird that Greek players got blocked from 100K. And I am not sure if this promo will end, when I started to play few years ago, I think then it was 100K and still is there...

And about learning about my oponent, yeah. He likes to go all in very often. Big surprise was that he didnt go all in on AJ preflop. Maybe he hit wrong button lol. Or maybe he got confused that he got good hand Big Smile

I saw it to much in the last years at stars and other online rooms. I Play in the lower Limits and don´t use any tracking Software. Normally it is enough to Play solid abc poker in this Levels. But sucks + rake are unbeatable and so it is heavy to build a bankroll and get new Motivation to Play in the future...

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