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I play 90% sit n go, 5% cash and 5% tourney.
For some reason i like sit n go's more then cash, probably i win more Tongue
But to clear bonusses its better to play cash cos you getting your points much faster.
Sometimes its 2 or 3 sometimes 4 times faster to earn point with cashgames rather then sit n go!!!
Why is that? Pokerrooms want people to play more cash so they earn more rake i think?
And are there any rooms where structure of earning points cash versus sit n go is little bit the same?

I want rooms to equalize pointstructure cash/sit n go, lets make a statement!
Come on people we (as specialized sit n go players) are discriminated Evil
Lets fight back....
How we can do this Confused Cool

i completely agree infact cause im play @ AbsolutePoker in the $55, $71 and $109 SnG's 6seat turbos and 9seat turbos and i earn alot of points im like platnium VIP almost elite VIP which is 50,000AR's Big Smile and if i played high stakes cash i would make so many more points, but i play like 60% SnG's 35% MTT's 5% cash when im bored but not a huge limit like 2/4NL! i wish AP would give u more points for SnG's LoL (neva gunna happen tho Sad) Question

U're so right man! I tried some many pokerrooms but i only got my full bonus on pokerstars since i played cash and lost Sad it took me 3 months to rewin my money and get even.... i wuold really like to find a site with a bonus that is suited for sit and goers

what you are asking for is that pokerrooms take more rake for playing SNGs? Shock

actually that would mean that you win less over the long run with SNGs...

if they would take less rake on the cashtables, that would be really neat tho! Blink

in general i agree with you folks of course. when you are not good with cash games its often very hard to clear bonusses. i help myself with Omaha H/L and HORSE cashgames often Blink

you could btw also try to play bigger SNGs...

You're right

Its unacceptable we must fight our rights lets stick together lets fight Cool

I think it'd be better to change the table of points per dollars in sit and go instead of taking more rake

You follow to play more sin'n go immediately, 3 and above (multitabling)

I play 4 multitables danya Tongue

I've tried that strategy but i couldn't feel the style of my opponents and i had done some mistakes in reading that i wouldn't have done in just one table

Posted by razzor:
I think it'd be better to change the table of points per dollars in sit and go instead of taking more rake

you could also ask to lower the requirements of a bonus release...


actually i believe most pokersites just give you some of their first earnings with you back . and i doubt they will pay you a 50 $ bonus after they earned 30 $ from you... (also you should ask yourself if it is doing you a favor when your fav pokerpage goes broke...)

face it: a pokerprovider earns much less on you playing 1 hour SNG then you playing 1 hour cash game. (except you play 0.01/0.02 cashgames and 1000$ SNGs or something... but then you might find yourself earning much more bonus points with SNG.)

they are win orientated companys and no charity! get it folks! Evil


i play $109 SnG's and clear pretty quick but still not as quick as like a 3/6NL cash game Sad

I play $10 sit n go so must play a lot clear the bonus.
Next month want to try $15 and $20 sit n go's so clearing the bonus is way faster but still much slower then cash....

Of course the pokersites gives more points then u play cash.
The want u to play cash for they make more money from u then u play cash
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