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Hello everyone,
Have you ever heard about a nu 4 cards poker called BADUGI? i've senn it on carbon poker and it's really cool!!! it's a particular form of triple draw lowball where you should have 4 different suits, no pairs and the lowest cards. If you don't u have to discard a bad card so you have a 3 cards hand and so on. a 4 cards hand always beats a 3 cards hand.

Heard of it, but never played it.

theres a daily badugi freeroll on luckyhog if you wanna try out Blink

I've tried my first freeroll yesterday on Carbon. It took me a while to understand its rules but i almost reached the las hundred of players... not bad not bad Big Smile
It's a very good game if your a lowballer Dollar

Hmm, never heard of it, i try it out soon and write a message here...

Please, it' d be great. i really like this game. I've playied almost everything in my lifetime and this newcomer is exactly what i needed to break the monotony.

I've tried it couple of times and my best result was in the top 20 Thumbs Up great game indeed and it's has been a long time I did not play it as I play only at Full Tilt and PokerStars and they both don't have it there Thumbs Down

There is also a 5card version of it i remember, played freeroll on some i4-poker network i think but not sure, but didnt like it.....

I mean boss media network and i4 poker lol Big Smile
I'm sure it was i4 poker......

Are you sure it isn't the classic ace to five lowball draw?
Can you tell me a name of a poker room in the i4 network please?

i don't know this game called "Badugi"..i never have seen play this game. Shock
in which pokerooms is possible play it?
thanks Smile

Pokerroom is called i4 poker i think on boss media network not sure Smile

badugi???? I never heard of it
you got to know when to hol'dem
know when to foldem
know when to walk away
know when to run

Pot Limit Badugi can be played at also .. they usually have a 50 $ Badugi freeroll each night ...

Best Badugi hand you can hold ((the suits don't matter as long as they are different)) :

A Spade 2 Club 3 Heart 4 Diamond

the idea is to have 1 of each cards , 1 spade , 1 diamond , 1 club and 1 heart .... thats a badugi hand --- the lower the better .... lowest badugi hand wins .. if noone has badugi .. then the best 3 low cards win ... quite easy actually Smile

Badugi was originated in Korea and moved to west during the last two years. There are also claims that Badugi is originated from a similar European game.

Badugi is similar to triple draw four card game where the low-hand wins. Don't panic if you are not familiar with triple draw as Badugi is very straight forward and easy to learn.

In short, Badugi is a drawing poker game that:

Players get several chances to exchange your cards for new ones.
There are betting rounds after each time players draw cards.
The betting structure is based on the game (limit, pot limit, or half-pot limit).
The best hands are the low hands.
Players only use four cards and therefore the evaluation system is different than the one used for Texas

Badugi (also known as Badougi or Padooki) is a draw poker variant similar to triple draw, but with differing hand values than traditional poker. The betting structure and overall play of the game is identical to a standard poker game, but unlike traditional poker which involves a minimum of five cards, players' hands contain only four cards at any one time. During each of three drawing rounds, players can trade zero to four cards from their hands for new ones from the deck, in an attempt to form the best badugi hand and win the pot. The object of Badugi is to win pots, the share of money put in by oneself and one's opponents during the hand. The winner of the pot is the person, who has not folded, with the best badugi hand at the conclusion of play (known as the showdown).

I've tried it again and i'm realizing it's more hard than i thought it was Disagree
It's so hard to get 4 cards on 4 of different suits plus they have to be low!

You right, it's very hard to complete a good hand but remember: if it's hard for you it's also hard for you opponents.... bet wisely Blink

I'm improving... today i got a good placement... not in the money, but still good for a beginner

This game is becoming kinda of frustrating... i wait for 30 hand to be dealt something playable and then a sucker who draws 3 beats me on last draw Sad

you guys are all playing this game at carbon poker right?? maybe I should reinstall the software again it has a lot of things that other poker rooms dont, like for example sit and go freerolls even if the price is a dollar lol, very nice explanation BabyCat, it seems a hard game but I prefer hard gams lol so I might try it Smile

This game is so good. I mean when you see how many cards your opponents drawed you can guess what is he holding... Obviously if he draws 4 cards he doesn't have a hand.
Sometimes it's hard but exciting game. try it out. Blink

theres a daily freeroll 50$ on walker poker , actualy i played it today first time ive heard of it too , i mean ive heard of crazy 8s ,pineapple , poker but never budagi , i played it and lost it all rigght away noone told me how to play ,somthing about needing 4 suits? best hand?

best hand is A234 of different suits. the lowest wins. remember that if u have a pair or 2 cards of the same suit u have to discard 1 card so u have a 3 cards hand which is always worse than a 4 cards hand even TJQK

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