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Ok i was about to register for br megadeal thing at pkr but then noticed they also offer 30% rb ... which in the long run is, imo, way better option if you plan to play there for some time Smile

so heres the deal... has anyone tried signing up via rakeback offer and then claim brmegadeal offer before ur first deposit? would that work?

does rakeback work together with megadeal offer, if you use rakeback code when you register, and brmegadeal one when u make ur first deposit? : Question

edit: im asking this because rakeback uses 1 code when you just create account, and megadeal is completely different code, and its used when u deposit for the first time (at least thats how i understood it? :o).

cheers, any help would be greatly appreciated Smile

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Your question is really interesting but i think only admin could answer to this question.

But i guess you could try because you made your account with the RB link/code so it's clear that you'll get RB from now on.

I think admin should have an answer as soon as he'll see this thread.

It's unlikely that it will work, so I suggest you signup with the offer you think is most valuable to you - and then you can try the other one too and see if it works, but I'm almost 100% sure you will be rejected if you try to claim the megadeal because you didn't signup with the correct code.

Also check out the PKR rake page:

Their 'rakeback' is paid for by the huge rake they take (10%). It's only good when you play NL25 or above. Below that you'll need that rakeback, and still be worse off than almost any other site.

Compare it to Pokerstars, where you only pay 3.5% on NL2, and 4.5% above that:

You might consider the megadeal, but leave when you cleared it, or take the rakeback if you are able to play NL25 profitably...

ty both admin and marqis

i guess im gonna stick to that megadeal instead, because i dont believe im gonna stay there long enough for rakeback to be profitable enough. especially considering thier huge rake and supposedly low playerbase. and i was only planning to deposit like 30-40 bucks so no nl25 for me lol. at least i couldnt play it right away, or ever depends on what can i do with my deposit.

so megadeal it is, thx again guys.

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