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we had a similar thread last year i believe, why not having it this year [email protected] end of year will try to bump this thread on top (if i don't forget)- and we'll see if any of the goals were reached...

my goals:
- be profitable for the year (99% achievable- since i mostly play freerolls)
- record my 1st triple digit win (~1% achievable- i'm really sh1tty player, so not a lot of hope here, but i'll give it my best)


Dunno yet, dont now if i can make time to play poker.
If i do i have to grind a little bit else its not possible to make a good profit imo.
So if i find the time, lets say 2/3 hours a day my goal wud be sometin like:

Play higher stakes with perfect bankrollmanagement.
Find a good site to play on with good traffic and good rakeback sometin like constant 45%/50% rakeback.
If building that roll, a nice good vacation with girly and kiddo to Vegas and play a couple low buyin WSOP events (only $1000/$2500 buyins)
Absolutely dont want to be a semi-pro grinding it out, no intrest and no time.

My goals are:
-play more frequently (I have a pretty decent ROI but I am not able to play longer sessions)
-find a good way to deal with tilt (after losing a 80-20 in SNG I start to play much worse)

turn my £100 into £1000

My goal for the upcoming year is to be at least an even player, so I can get some profit from rakeback. Big Smile

I hope also I can improve my game, especially at cash games.
I would like to win a MTT as well (of more than 1k players). I have reached to some final tables but I have never won one!

Good luck to all. I wish you the best for this 2014!

My poker goal is to win WSOP MAIN Event Dollar

Try and reach $1500 from my $20 deposit, already up to $164.89

My goals for 2014 are to perfecting me as much poker and win much money in this game, and I would like to get to play on a live tour Smile

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For me it s easy :

- keep playing poker without loosing my bankroll, I only play microstakes and checked it for this year I am up 8 $. Cool
- try to visit the forum here regurlarly... to check out about you guys
- play live game at casino (just for fun)

Less crying in my blog.

Become a 50nl regular.

My goals for this year are

1. Get divorced
2. Get with my true-love.
3. Win a major poker tournament - online.
4. Use the funds from my poker to finance or satelite into a major live event.
5. Learn more about my style of game and improve it.
6. Finance a good holiday through poker winnings.
7. Set my bankroll up for a great 2015 and have some fun at the 2015 WSOP.

Not many goals, should be able to achieve at least 4/7.

I know that some of you may say the first 2 are not poker goals but I need to achieve the first 2 to make the rest achievable. Makes sense to me.

GL to you all and hope that you all achieve at least 1/2 of what you want.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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G'day mates

Well my goals for 2014 are alot different from 2013.

I want to become healthier & feel better physically,
I want to turn my poker game back around and once again become a winning player.
A specific poker goal is to make a monthly profit of just $200.
If I can do that for three months in a row then to double it to just $400.
Not going to be overly greedy this year and state a massive poker goal.
Just not able to put in the need grind time right now for heath reasons.
Want to keep my BankrollMob Blog properly updated and see it succeed.
Want to buld up a silver stack from 0 to 2000 oz. in 2014
I think that is enough for now

Hope we all achieve our goals for 2014
Happy New Year
be cool

Ronin Cool

My first wish is to be able to play online poker the next year since in my country they are making a similar anti online poker law.

Secondly i hope to be able to play at least as many hands as i played in 2013 and hope of course to improve my winning rate.

Use as much BRM no deposit bonuses as possible Big Smile

Posted by westside1950:
Use as much BRM no deposit bonuses as possible Big Smile

Worship Worship Thumbs Up

to get my br from 0 to over 9,000 at some random site (well not from 0 but from first mini deposit). nothing fancy, and i dont think im asking too much.

apple is not greedy, so just 9k will do. for now. gl all with your goals for whats left of this year, and in 2014 too of course. Tongue

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