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Hi all,

So it's 2014 and I need to make a plan for poker this year.

At the heart of my poker will be micro (fast eg. zoom, rush, fastforward etc) cash and low stakes STT's/MTT's

What I am hoping you can help me with is information on what sites offer what promo's in these areas.

I'm particularly interested in rakeback/VIP deals, bonus freerolls for VIP levels and leaderboards. I am hoping to grind somewhere between 4-8hrs a day and want to be clever about making the most from my money in added bonuses.

For example, a site may offer a $1k freeroll for players who rake say $20 the previous month. These are the types of freerolls I want to play my way into. Another example is say a $500 leaderboard for ranking x amount playing STT's.

I will be spreading my play across multiple sites to qualify for as many bonuses as possible.

Info then please of any promotions that are attainable for low stakes players Smile Perhaps with some success we can produce some sort of guide / central information point to help us all out.

Thank you and best wishes with your pokering endeavors in 2014! Cool

Check the available section here in BRM for the Rakeback deals, to get an idea and maybe
picking one :

A 30-35% rakeback deal is a good one.
Make a list with the sites you are interested for a rakeback first and then check about
freerolls and bonuses.

Stars, FullTilt and PartyPoker offer some really good promotions and VIP freeroll tournaments. And if you want to play rush/zoom/fastforward you are on the right place there! Howewer you won´t get much of a rakeback on these sites. Still I think it is best for you to play there since there is always good traffic.

you should take a look at pkr rb offer, i think they have something like 30% rb (if you dont take brm megadeal, and chose that one instead, thats it).

theres also intertops with 36% rb but really have no idea about its traffic because its on revolution network and i havent played there yet. but that rb offer looks quite decent, if theres enough traffic to support it.

You should play at PokerStarts of FullTilt poker.

In my opinion both sites are the best for microplayer since the rake is not hight and there is a lot of freerolls. For example, at Pokerstarts if you reach Chrome Stars (wich would be very easy according to the volumen that you say you will play) you can play the privelege freeroll ($1k every day) and the weekly VIP $5k.

At Fulltitlt in January 5th will starts the MFTOP and you cal also get till 25% rakes from the edge program + freeroll daily (2)


The question here is not the 4-8 hrs per day you plan to grind,the question is how many tables/how much you will rake in the process.
As for the micros,if you are a solid player the best pick is almost certainly either pokerstars or fulltilt.
Both have considerbly low rake in comparison to other sites with better VIP program.
Overall I'd say the for the bigger sites,it all evens out. Either they have low rewards for micro players,but lower rake than others,or the opposite.
Also,dont look at the big affiliate sites for a rakeback deal. If you really want to play on an IPoker/Ongame room using a great deal (even for microstakes players deals up to 70% are possible) then have a wide look around on the web (I can't post specific sites on here,but if you search,you'll find).
However I'd still rather play on a room where I can beat the game pre rakeback instead of a site where the rake is killing me until I get my VIP payment.


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Party Poker offer a lot of freerolls when you complete so many missions. You should listen to the advice on these forums because i think they are an invaluable source of information. Good luck to you on whatever site you choose

Yep, Party poker is great for the initial NDB ($10+10+130) and the freerolls that come with completing the relatively easy missions but beyond that I'm struggling to see any added 'value' in the site.

Long term you won't have any freerolls (beyond BRM) and their promotions seem to have died out.

In the micros it was verry hard to get enough raleback with a vip level, so i thing it is the best way to start as a bonus hunter to build a bankroll with first/no dep buonusses. The second step was to find a favorite site and you can find a lot of sites with a minimum of 30% rakeback or more (pkr etc.).

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