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ok i signed via for pkr megadeal, but once i get there i have to click a link to make account, which would be great if that wouldnt neglect my brm link and go back to default, meaning they wont even know i signed up via brm.

still i went ahead and created acc, but as i was quite sure their sytem wont pick up i signed via brm, i contacted live chat before depositing and they told me they cant see i used brm link to sign up, but will check with their affiliate team and keep me updated via emails.

so anyone who signed up for megadeal had similar experiences? I know how to use affiliates links, but once you click register (play now, because register wasnt there) you lose the link ?

could someone just check it out for me, use the link above and click register (play now) and see if brm link disappears or not? Tongue

cheers and ty in advance

You can find another thread two days ago with the same problems, perhaps you can find there the right answer. When not and this was the best way, ask the support or live support from pkr.

halp (:

they (live chat) did say they will contact their affiliate team to check it out, but im not sure if thats their own team or our brm admins? Big Smile

i used brm link, cleared cookies (complete chrome history) to go to pkr site (red letters link CLICK HERE ( lol ) at this page but once i got to their site and click Play Now it would switch to normal /register link at pkr site.

edit: decapo i checked that other topic but i couldnt find anyone talking about this whats happening to me (affi link not registering) :/

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I did not applied for that deal so i can't say if it's right to get redirected to that screen.

My advice would be to wait for an answer from them before registering an account once registered you cannot undo it Blink

Anyone? Tongue

still havent heard a word from pkr, so unless they sort this one out i doubt im gonna even bother playing there :/


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help! -.-

tried waiting 2 days but still no mail whatsoever :/ still waiting to hear if anyone else had similar experiences, maybe i should just enter the code on my 1st deposit (brmegadeal) and get done with it? Tongue

If you are entering a code in order to get a deal like a no deposit while signing up you dont need to
be tracked, if thats where your problem is.
Just clean cookies, etc, click the link on BRM, follow that, then sign up,
and deposit the 10$ required using the code BRMEGADEAL

yea i guess that could (and hopefully should, lol) work

they said their affi team will contact me shortly but still nothing, so ill wait another day or so and if nothing happens, ill just make my 1st deposit with brmegadeal code and hope for the best.

ty for your help mober Smile

On PKR the usual support team replay time is around 4-5 working days, it might be faster on paper but in reality you should expect to this interval of time.

Considering that you only want to make the minimum deposit you should try it if you made the steps described by Mober Blink

yea im gonna do that, if they dont respond soon ill depo 10-20$ and see what happens Tongue

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