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FullTilt Poker Is The Best Poker Site Ever !  0   
Hello Mobsters,

I can't play online poker so often because I work too much, but my boss gave me four days off, so I decided to play Adrenaline Rush NL Hold'em $0.10/$0.20 at FullTilt Poker. Then I played FullTilt Poker Ring Games NL Hold'em $0.25/$0.50.

I am saying that FullTilt Poker is the best poker site ever! Here is my story:

Yesterday I deposited at FullTilt Poker $30 and I started to play the new game Adrenaline Rush Poker. I made $20 profit and then moved to the Ring Games NL Hold'em $0.25/$0.50.

I sat at the table with $30. I played very carefully but all these guys were not joking. They were raising and reraising like crazy. The flop was three spades, so I had Flush King High. Two of the players went ALL IN, I was very scared because I thought someone has Flush Ace High, but I decided to risk and I paid ALL IN as well. My surprise was when I saw the Showdown that one of the players had Flush 8 High, the other one had a Pair of Aces and I had Flush King High, so I won the hand - $122.

After playing 30 minutes at that table I reached $140. Then I left the table and stopped playing.

The conclusion:

I deposited $30 and I won $140 after playing yesterday night and today two hours. I cashed out $100 to my VISA Card.

I was very surprised by FullTilt Poker when I received a fast email after FIVE SECONDS that the Withdrawal is successful and the money will be in my VISA Card after 3 business days.

I would say that The FullTilt Poker Security Agents work very fast, I was very excited that the Withdrawal was successfuly approved after FIVE SECONDS.

Thank You FullTilt Poker ! Worship My mom has a birthday next week, so I will give her $100 for her birthday.

This is my January 2014 poker story. I hope you like it! Smile

Mobsters, I wish you all the best with your poker careers!

Best Regards,


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Nice one @Adrenaline Rush poker Big Smile yeah flopping second nuts indeed help...
As for the speed of things the agents work at FTP, yeah they are much faster than before Black Friday and at PS too, sometimes I get my money instantly at my e-wallet when I make withdrawals...
I wished everypoker rooms were like this Agree

Have you got some other interesting hands (besides the flush) from this session that you would share with us?

Posted by bowie1984:
Have you got some other interesting hands (besides the flush) from this session that you would share with us?

Yes, I had a lot of interesting hands at Adrenaline Rush Poker I would be happy if FullTiltPoker makes Boom Player like PokerStars, so we can share the hands.

Hands like AT, AJ, AQ, AK, QQ, KK, AA always win at Adrenaline Rush Poker. I was very excited! Smile

Edited by Peter7878 (15 January 2014 @ 16:13 GMT)

have to agree with you Peter,ive always felt fulltilt was the best,when it closed down i didnt think we would see it again.
i love the fact you can link it with pokerstars now and that withdrawl is great,just goes to show you cant keep a good site down,
Well done on your games there and long may it continue.... Big Smile

I love ftp from the start Smile when it closed down i was very sad but i always belived it will come back -
had 1k$ locked there Aww crap!
And now when its back i play mostly there.
Just love blind structure and friendly software, stars software is so industrial to me...

gl with ur games and join ftp who doesnt play there Smile

Congrats with your winnings.
Now you have seen how som players just trying to have luck with every hand they get.

Congratulations on your win. It was a nice run.
Although i wonder what the comments would have been if you had lost your whole deposit,
after playing there. Or maybe not commenting at all at that situation Smile

Classical 2 buy-in upswing, if you will continue to play with your whole bankroll at a table, you will soon be back at zero.

what ddblt said, well done for cashing out quickly, lol most of us would end up losing that money back, esp on that not-so-serious br management Smile

still kudos for taking quick cash, and even more for actually winning some money there -.-

ps: the reality is moves like this one will end up ugly, most of the time thats it so there should be disclaimer 'dont try this at home' attached to ur 1st post OP Tongue

Gratz, verry nice run at FT and this new game adrenaline rush at ft Sound verry interesting. FT was now a part of poker stars, so the sucks there are the same, but i like the ft software really and their fast games. And to use the bucks for a birthday gift for your mom was great! Smile

Now I read that there is an Adrenaline Rush Poker Leaderboards where you could win a lot of money.

This is a great challenge. I already have points at three different Adrenaline Rush levels. I have to play more Adrenaline Rush to reach more points.

Did you know about this promotion?

no peter dont do it Big Smile trust me you dont want to do it Smile but if you do, wish you best of luck with it and hope you win big -.- so gl, if you decide to play that afterall

peter u dont have points as promotion starts on 20th january Smile

You can compete for your cut of the leaderboard prizes across two qualifying weeks:

Week One: 00:00 ET on Monday, January 20th – 23:59 ET on Sunday, January 26th
Week Two: 00:00 ET on Monday, January 27th – 23:59 ET on Sunday, February 2nd

Ok, I see I didn't read this. Thanks vsemoje. Smile

Be ready for next time, you wont be so lucky.

I got a kind of weird relationship with Full Tilt poker.

There some days that I hate it. Those horribles bad beats make me crazy and tilted to the point that I want to quit poker (like today). But other days I got some nice pots and my love to Full tilt suddenly back.

Instead at Pokerstarts ir pretty almost the same every day.

Anyway nice to hear that some BRM member are doing fine there.

Gl all! Thumbs Up

fulltilt has since black friday the quick payout and very good customer support,

congrats on youre winnings nice to earn 100 bucks within a day Smile

This is a great story and i bet you wish this could happen every day! It is always nice when the cards are kind to you and whatever site you play on you always feel this is the best site to play when you win. I hope you feel like this when it is not a good day!

Today I received an email from FullTiltPoker. There you go:


Hello Peter,

Thank you for the follow-up and you are most welcome!

It has been a real pleasure for me to read your post on the BankrollMob forum. Your January success story sounds great and I am so happy that my colleagues assisted you so swiftly to make the end of it an even better one (envisioning the quick withdrawal approval).

If you don't mind, I will go ahead and share your thread with the rest of the Support and Security agents; I am certain that they will find it both pleasing and inspiring!

I truly hope that you will enjoy the Adrenaline Rush Poker promotion to the fullest and that your boss will give you more time to play poker in the future, without having to decrease your salary or work benefits in any way Smile

The entire Full Tilt Poker team would like to wish a very happy birthday to your mom next week and we are sure that she will be extremely pleased with your present.

We also wish you all the best in your future poker endeavours, Peter. If there is anything else we can assist you with, please do no hesitate to contact us again. We are always here for you and await to hear of your upcoming successful stories!


Full Tilt Poker Support Team


Thank You FullTiltPoker ! Worship

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