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Rumor that Tom Dwan has won $25 Million in 1 poker session   0   
Dwan lost $ 7 million in one day and returned to the United States. However,he went back again for the rematch and last week won a record jackpot of 200 million HKD (u $ s 25 million) at a similar table au $ s 15.000/30.000.
Tom is a player who gives a lot of action, with a very loose game and maybe the other players played a not so friendly style for Asian gamblers.

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You say he won a jackpot like it's a capped jackpot, how is that possible??

Either way thats insane money. It must be a sickness when you can't stop after being up mega money.

And knowing Dwan loses $7M makes me feel good, any of my loses pale in comparison Smile

Rumors by proffesional poker(cant recall him in my memory) rival also suggested that Dwan was busted .My opinion is truth lies in the midlle.But 25 million(USD ?) is huge amount even for high rollers like him and is tough to believe because iits unlikely to had bankroll needed for that kind of game.But who really cares?

rumors rumors...there is one claiming that dwan is actually often playing on $0.01/0.02 tables @ stars under the nickname of manpochui, so what- i can officially tell everyone: that's complete bullsh1t Agree manpochui hasn't got a roll to sustain $0.01/0.02 action at all, there now the world can sleep safely. moral to the story: ignore rumors & give me $5 (will pay back tomorrow)

What kind of American.Express cards could he using to pay for a buy-in into these games?
But seriously, if this thing above is real, I dont want to know how many millions were in the pot from some triad boss life savings account.
They could be pissed.

Is this again somekind of did u know information?

Regardless of the accuracy or veracity of this story, it draws interest from many areas, particularly us players who regularly play at the lower end of the buy in spectrum to realise that winning and losing is all relative. We would all love to be in the position of play $30k cash big blinds and notmworrying too much about losing.

It's just WILD

Posted by hemuli:
Is this again somekind of did u know information?

Nah, brah.

I seriously think the head of the Macau Government Tourist Office posting here and every other big affiliate websites to make sure next time you plan to visit asia during your vacation you end up over there.
They need all the fish they can put their hands on to give it to those hungry-hungry poker pros and those angry-angry triad bosses.

Well rumours come and go, and you may never know what is true at the end.
Especially in this sector with players of this magnitude.
Even if it comes from a player isnt too easy to believe without some kind of evidence.
Like fishermen Smile

This is an insane amount of money by anyones standard and if he has won this in one session it must be one of the highest wins in the history of poker. This guy must be getting staked by some very rich people as i cant see him risking all his own money

I love these

!!!"100% true"!!!

good day Smile

well i think the news is legit !!!
macau is one hell of a place .... it even overtook vegas !!! there is a lot of high stakes action going on with so many pros flying in and out very frequently ..
i feel this is legit ... nosebleeds are a very common in macau.

Gl at the tables
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It would be sick if this was true but i doubt he can afford to play at that level, i mean he could go busto in just a session on such high limits...

As usual this stories do not have any proof so i guess all should not be taken as granted. It would be sick if it would be true Cool

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