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From 5 free spins to 161 $   +1   

I today recieve 5 free spins on redstarpoker casino and i played imortal romance slot 0.60 spin and recieved 18 $, later i played 3 slots and recived bonuses and am now ao 160 $ and this i great no requerements to widhtraw!
And im now recieved for free 160 bankrol for poker!
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wow that was nice, just stay away from casino now :=) it can drain ur br much faster than poker, and its not as fun either Tongue

nice way to build some bankroll for poker.
Advice: Don´t play at slots for your money anymore.

Well done. Speedy way to to get a very good bankroll for playing poker.
If there are no play through requirements, cash out some of it and keep the rest in the poker
client. In case you slip and go back to the slots Smile

It's great that you managed to win a nice solid bankroll for poker but my advice is to stick to poker, on long term you'll lose on slots.

Now do you plan to play poker on that same site or you consider to cashout and deposit to a site with bigger poker traffic?

Great set of results you have had here. It is always nice to turn these free bonuses into something more substantial. You should withdraw some of the money and carry on gambling the rest, because you are in a no lose situation then

this casino side games are so dangerous if you made a successful experience like this !
160 $ made from nothing (like 5 free spins)
a few days later after some bad beats at the poker table you think...hey why not win quick some
money back at the side games like i did befor and 1 hour later you are broke...!

after i loose 3 of my bankrolls this way i never played a side game with my poker money again.
i hope you can stay away frome this sick side games from now.
at the end you will allways lose at this crap casino games.this games are definitely rigged...!!

cheers Spade

Nice nice and be careful with these games, win and go quickly from the machine because I do not think you still falls some money
These games can you rich overnight but you can and ruin everything
Better when you win a larger amount to withdraw immediately
have a nice day and take care of your money Dollar Dollar
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I saw this thread was revived but i'm still interested if OP managed to withdraw without any problems?

If it went smoothly i guess the casino should deserve some positive review from all mobsters, on these sites you often get difficult withdraw requirements.

Wow. Sounds awesome.
Congrats my friend you were lucky.
Big Smile
It is a quite good thing to help to bulid your bankroll up.
Good luck guys at the casino games. Diamond

any update? wonder how long this br lasted before he spent it on slots again ? Big Smile

we are gamblers afterall, but you either play slots or dont play them at all, dont think theres a middle ground when it comes to slots. If you win once playing slots (or god forbid, you win first time playing them), its hard to resist especially knowing 'you can win playing slots'. Because you know, you just did it.

really hope ur br lasted longer than i expected it to last, but if you are, generally speaking, slots player it probably wont end pretty Tongue

btw i never got my head around it, why do people play slots at all, its basically a huge -ev game and more you play it, the bigger that house edge becomes Angry in the long run, you ARE guaranteed to lose money, so why play it then Cool

btw not speaking about op, as he got his slots spins for free Tongue

WOW.... 8-D

Wow nice to hear those stories with 5 free spins and get a nice sum. Congratulations mate, hope your luck continues and you get more money out of those bookies.Anyway where did you withdraw your money, if there was no deposit involved?

If there was a deposit before withdrawal I would have been sad lol.

Cheer keep it up!

Congratulations! Makes me want to go try my 30spins with Go Wild.

Good luck everyone! Aww crap!

man you got your lucky day, now withdraw those money if you can, and never go back Smile

You know, those are called "winning slot machines" cause the slots are winning Big Smile

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