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What should be going through my head when deciding to fold or flat? Presumably there's an element of implied odds involved but is it just as simple as re-evaluating the implied odds as if you were just facing a standard bet or is there more to it that than?

Kind of want a bit more of a rule of thumb than the guessing game I'm currently playing. Let's stick to 100BBs deep, hero raises to 3x, gets 3betted to 9x, all others fold.

Ask yourself how often the villain 3-bets and if you will be in position when you flat call.
If the villain 3-bets you in position, you should practically never just call, it is either fold or 4-bet.
This is typical in cutoff vs button situation, where some players on button 3-bet very light.

If you get 3-betted by someone out of position, it is usually a strong hand (AQs+ JJ+)
(3-bet from blinds vs button doesn´t have to be a strong hand)
If the 3-bet is reasonably big, you can flat call and play the pot in position with hands that have some
good equity against the 3-betting range: suited broadways, bigger pairs (TT+)

Protip: if someone min 3-bets you out of position, they have 98% of the time AA or KK
(the rest of the time they are drunk)
if you 4-bet them and they min 5-bet you, they have 99% of the time AA
Just take your pot odds and flat call then and try to hit something like set or 2 pair or better

First of all,fellow czech covered many spots and there is no need to repeat.But,it is a factor to always consider before making any move:opponent style.Vey important and follows very close power of position.Loose players tend to 3-bet with a wide range of cards,tight with premium etc.Often u have to evaluate players attidute post flop.Lets say u have middle pairs and facing an opponent who you are pretty sure is gonna bet regardless the flop.Ask yourself if i dont hit set how far am i willing to go with lets say 2 OV?Experience is hard to get.

There is a lot of things to evaluate sometimes and maybe it should just come down to feeling. If you try to over analyse an hand you can end up making the wrong decisions. Just play the way you are comfortable and the right decisions will come

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