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just curious if anyone knows but would pokertracker work if I played some of the BRM freerolls on FT and PS Thumbs Up Dollar

i am sure that will work at FTP and Stars. But my question is if u really need pokertracker for freerolls?
U have ur own eyes that i think work much better then tracker software Big Smile
I only use tracker when i multi table and i cant see everything what is happening at the tables.
otherwise i gain more info from observing the tables


I usually don't focus when I play hold em, I prefer to bring up a couple tables and watch movies or play xbox while i'm on stars, but I wouldn't mind an attempt to do well in the leaderboard with my long waited return to BRM while not having to actually put in effort lol

Posted by Jibberish:
just curious if anyone knows but would pokertracker work if I played some of the BRM freerolls on FT and PS Thumbs Up Dollar

I think its working but i advise you too that dont use in the daily BRM freerolls.
Its not really worth reading closely on your oppenents stats in freerolls, since they got nothing to loose and mostly they play just like that.
Its a $25 freeroll anyway, theres isnt much prizepool to get so putting effort into having successful reads on somebody, who never gonna re-raise your 3bets rather than going all-in anytime with broadway cards or way less, is not worth it IMO.
Unless u r playing on the final tables in these where it might help u sometimes or playing in the 3 month leader..board frees where is a good prizepool Im not seeing a tracker software would be useful.

But to each his own. GL at the tables.

I think to use this on freerolls would be really unnessary. The poker rules normally go out the window on freerolls as there is a lot of moving all in going on. I think you should just play by feel and dont try to over think some of the plays

im not playing for the 5$ first place prize lol leaderboards of course! but is it really 3 months... damn I thought it was like every month... I might just stick to playing my PLO then Cool Thumbs Up

ya my hud does work and im already in the money, not bad I guess just gotta win a couple of these before march, seems very do-able

Edited by Jibberish (20 January 2014 @ 15:12 GMT)

It should work, i do not see why it should not work. Oven HEM can import hands from freerolls.

The only hands that re not imported in HEM or PT are play money hands played, but again there is no substance to those hands.

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