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Any league members, feel free to offer any insights to BankrollMob's FullTilt and Pokerstars Freeroll League play.
I have just taken on the challenge of both leagues. I feel them offer something different and challenging.
Currently, I am 170th of Pokerstars Top 200 invited to playoff freeroll with a week remaining. I started league play late and missed a month of opportunity but I look forward to finishing top 200 anyway. Top 30 can be my next challenge.
FullTilt's BRM league has started and I have earned a few cashes but well short of the LB... soon. The problem being, the first game of 6 daily start at 6:30 am in my area. So I miss out on some of the action. I do try make up for it on weekends but weekends also my ticket days. Extra cash in opportunities.
I utilize the MTT fields for player development and a way to gauge my success. Learn while I play with risk - none. Thankyou Bankrollmob for the league play opportunities... and I shall make it my goal to take full advantage of them. Cool

I made the top 200 with 1 win. So basically with more than 2 wins you could aim for the top spots, the field is soft as sometimes you get crazy donkeys not on BRM and play like mad. Just play tight and good poker.

Basically play good poker and try to go deep in all tourneys all you will be rewarded!

Your post is exactly the way i feel about it, altho i didnt make the top 200 (yet), i also love the whole leaderboard concept in freerolls. This is the first time i come across one wich means a big thumbs up for MOB!

Congrats entering top 200 allready, i hope ill see you here haha!

Heskor thanks you for the tip, i tend to play kinda loose when i shouldnt... ill take ur advice with me in comming tourneys Tongue

I agree with Heskor, wait a couple of blind levels when most of the maniacs are out, then u can start playing on wider range, use your position wisely cuz many players wont - u know the standard deal etc.
I do not think you could benefit - other than financially - from freerolls in the long run, since when theres no buy-in = no risk involved people tend to play that way, so I advise u if you serious about player development try to find other solutions as well.
But good luck anyway for the leaderbords.

I'm only challenging in the FTP one as it's much easier IMO, I only play tight and aggressive by keeping in my mind that my goal is to reach the final table and to be honest this strategy is working if you want min top 200 but to be in the top 30 you need to play with that strategy plus you need to play as much as you can...

Posted by pasqua544:
the first game of 6 daily start at 6:30 am in my area.

That tells me you must be in Newfoundland...!

It's amazing how well you can do filled up on Fish & Brewis with Scrunchions, and a BIG mug of Screech first thing in the mornin'....

Sort of a Newfie 'Breakfast Of Champions' if you will.... Big Smile<lol...

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