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Did any other mobster visit this pokerroom lately

Noticed that there was much trafic today (over 1000 players) and that I recieved a donus of 250 dollar which I can play free (only I have no money there at the moment)

Played there long time ago with a NDB fromBRM but there was almost no traffic at that time....

awh Yachting I remember being there right from the start,there was only a few players online back in them days,with a max of maybe 20 -25 have come along way,I may return there again,It was common to wait a hour or so for some cash game

For yachting the weak point was the low poker traffic, if that is fixed nowadays it means that they are a competitive site.

Many mobsters actually took that no deposit bonus and build up a pretty nice bankroll and were able to also deposit on other sites.

"From 29/01/2014 the Yachting Poker software will be connecting you to a different Poker Network – The Hive Network. This new network will use the same software as before but we expect to have much higher levels of player numbers and thus a wider range of games available.

As a result of this migration some of the bonuses and setup will change as follows:

The Weekly Rakeback will no longer be applied or available
PPPs will be called FPPs and your current balance will be reduced by a factor of 50 to take into account their higher value on the new network
Cash Balances and Tokens will be transferred across
Bonuses will not be carried across to the new Network – but all players will get a new First Login Bonus on the new network
You may be asked to create a new Nickname when you first login to the new Network
VIP activity will not be carried across – but a new VIP rewards system will be available

We understand that the loss of rakeback will be a disappointment – but the VIP rewards system will make up for this and the higher levels of player traffic will mean you can enjoy the Yachting Poker software to its full potential.

Kind Regards,

Yachting Poker"

I like the change tbh,for microstake players totally worth it.
Actually seems like this is the perfect site to build a roll from a few €s now,with the promotions combined with tables that show 40%+ players @ flop allover the place.

EDIT: Actually,I just saw they got rid off the 30% rakeback.. It's now 25% rakeback with the convertion (FPPs) system,but only if you convert to tournament token money (can be used for SNGs/MTTs afaik).If you convert directly to cash the rate is even lower unless you convert the max. (400 FPPs (200€ rake) to 50€s).

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yachting was stealing money from me when I played there, wasn't much but it was like 1-3$ every once in a while

Funny you say that Jibberish, i have a friend that was doing pretty well over there but after a month or so of playing he noticed that one or two dollars were missing from his balance.

He sent 2 or 3 emails to support about this but did not get an answer so he decided to cahsout and move to another site. Same thing happend to you??

ahhh its clear...

thought last week i give Yachting a chance, bc they sent me a mail that i get a bonus for moving to new platform, although i never had played or deposits in former times, bt i had created an real account it seems...

so far so good, first Neteller deposit , nice different software, made from 35 $ in 7 days 124 $ , bt now it comes !

look above the messages !!!!

2 days ago i thought i have an halluzination , was playing 2/5 cts NL and i always have max buy in 5 $ and auto top up

i swore you i dint play 1 hand the first minutes, go to toilet and when i came back my stack on one table was not 5 $ , it was 2 $ !!!!

looked hand history for secure, bt knew it that i diidnt lose anyhting beside one time folding in blinds ...

whre are the 3 $ ???

hahaha,, contact service with reply !

contact to live chat, told me i should write very funny room....

ok thought may be i really had an halluzination ,, maybe i iidnt buy in with max or anything else, bt to 90 % i was sure,
they have deducted the amount, stolen it !

ok yesterday new session, NL 2/5 again , checked if i buyed in with 5 $ ...all correct the 4 tables..

winning god again , irreal soft what helps ??
again after a few minutes i had suddenly on one table a stack of not my 5 $ with auto top up, it was only 1.40 $ !!!

diidnt lose one hand with bigger amount, checked hand history ...didnt lose..knew it, and they have stolen it seems again more th 3 $ from my bankroll !

irreal !! never seen such an obv. scandal in years of online poker...

i am sure i will not see one pennie for my good winnings, bc they also do not reply to my mails when i sent my docs for withdraw (same docs have benn accepted hasslefree on stars, FT and Party and ipoker)

when i go to cassier and want withdraw an amount to Neteller, the system say: docs requested l

lol..they have them form start

be aware !! Yachting seems to be total unserious , not trustworthy...i am glad, that i have only deposited 35 $

no reply to my mails, live chat cannot help in cashier no solution

seem to be a bandits room

fg and good luck


ya same thing happened to me a few times, I was doing a blog from my NDB I had gotten there too, turned the 10 euro into I think just over 150$ American before it started happening, had it happen to me 3-4 times before I message support over it, they said it was just an exchange rate change but why should my money be getting exchanged when im not even playing. I had several screenshots of it even. although at the risk of maybe sounding like a rigtard but it felt like they had also doomswitched me after I messaged support about it but it is what is it... and its a shady platform imo. the field of players there is retardly weak and the weekly rakeback was awesome but they were esssientally stealing from me. I don't like that. Thumbs Down for yachting poker client.

I'd love to post my old blog with screenshots of it, but at the same time it's full of retributions weird ass crap, that dude harassed the hell out of me saying im a garbage player but wouldn't play me in poker. Ruined my blog with all his condescending b******t. I think he only wanted to play like 2nl for 100$, its like seriously? I don't have time to play 20BI. I should probably stop now before I end up in a rant, he was certainly a weird guy and could be very frustrating sometimes. anyways take care my fellow mobsters and make sure you avoid yachting unless your willing to take a risk!

on a side note I just checked one of my old threads where I had been posting the pictures, I mustve deleted them off BRM to make room when I wanted to start posting graphs for my current blog, sorry yall. no hard evidence Sad

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