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Playing my highest stake game in a while  0   
Nothing crazy, the £55 Bounty Hunter on Sky at 11:30pm CET. Qualified with my last £6 in that account.

Today has been a great day already (landed a dream job Big Smile), assuming the greatness continues I'm winning this bad boy!

If you want to rail or pray for me my alias is "brinjala"

Shipitonetime (to use some yankee fist pumping lingo)

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Good luck!

I know you're good player so you should win.
Just don't be affraid and don't think about buy-in price.
Play your best game.

Lets hope its a double then!

Not on Sky poker as yet else would have stopped by. Watched the programme a few times can't remember if they show any hands on there or if its live on Fridays?

Hope the cards fall nicely for you tonight!

Thanks guys Smile

I think they show some live stuff every evening stimp, not sure if my game will be on. It's a turbo so will report back soon

They are babbling on about the super bowl at the moment

Thought it was a poker channel!!

Just mentioned it at 22:52 Gingernator chip leader apparently

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First break 25mins in (at 5 mins to the hour like most sites) and we're on 8.6k from a starting stack of 4k. Got it all in pre QQ v JJ and we held Smile No bounty as the dude had already doubled sadly.

Annoying they're talking Superbowl on a British "Poker" (< key word there huh) channel Agree

Arrrh they're showing a poker game now, but it's not mine Smile

on now at last!

Darn, with a £25 bounty on each player the whole dynamic changes.

Called 300 pre with K6d vs a 1.5k stack, flopped a flush draw and missed when he shoved. Definitely happy with that play.

PS - This chap in the stripey shirt / glasses is Neil Channing, a very solid and respected British player. Knows his stuff

Wooohooo, got a bounty of £18.75 and up to 10.4k Smile AQo vs ATs, he flopped the ten, I hit 4 to a flush Smile

Boooom, folded round to my BB. Shoved T6o into a 2k stack with A4o (100/200 blinds) and hit my ten. £37.50 in bounties and 12.3k now Big Smile Again, looks a donkey play but definitely a easy shove in a blind v blind spot with a bounty involved.

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2 tables (12 left) showing the other table now!

keeping on that table but 8 left now, are you in the money?

Edited by stimp1024 (30 January 2014 @ 23:28 GMT)

I'm not in the game they're showing mate. Thats the big £33 game from 8pm still running.

Back to my game I've just won a KT vs 88 race to get another bounty, took me to 18k. £43.75 in bounties.

Then lost 88 vs AQ all in pre for a 30k pot and a 10k chip lead, he spiked a river Ace Sad Thought that was me flying for a moment. Down to 8k now Sad

OK was getting excited for you there!

Still you have a couple of bounties for a bit of cash if you don't recover.

Good luck, though they will never show your tourney tonight by the looks of it!

Had a 6k stack shove into my BB (500/1000). I was low with 9k but had to make the call with Q8o for the bounty. Flopped 2 pair vs his A4 and take another £18.75 bounty and up to 16k Big Smile


12 left of 61 entrants, 9 pays. Low on 12k Sad

Arrrrh, after all that I bust in 11th for a £0 payout but £75 in bounties.

30k SB shoved into my BB (16k). I snap with A Spade 8 Spade , he shows 5 Heart 9 Club (LOL)

Flop comes 5 Spade 4 Spade 5 Club NOOOO!!!!!

Turn 7 Spade YAAAAAY!!! NUT FLUSH!!!!!!

River 4 Diamond NOOOOO!!!!! FULL HOUSE FOR HIM Angry

Oh well, a profit....a nice one from my £6 earlier.

Thanks for the support and for reading my ramblings. Enjoyed that Cool

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Such a shame you couldn't have made that final table - would've been a decent little pay out.

Congrats on the job too btw Smile

I'm ready to start the staking whenever you are now. I'll start a thread on here tomorrow, but I'll be in touch via email to talk details.

Cheers mate. Smile

I'm good to start whenever too. My work hours will be quite weird / irregular but I will keep in constant contact as to when/what I (we!) plan to play etc

Look forward to your e-mail, have a good weekend Thumbs Up

You have done really well in this Tournament and many congratulations to you on this great run. These tournaments are at a very high level so you must be some player to go so deep and many kudos to you. Many congratulations again and long may your luck continue

Well done both in getting your dream job and your winnings from the tournament.
You didnt end in the money, but considering your qualification and the money
you also got from the bounties you did very good.

Thanks for your comments chaps.

With my £75 I decided to play some qualifiers and some normal tourneys today.

Bubbled in a qualifier for the £33 8pm game but managed to get into the 10pm CET £55 game through 2 stages for £2.60.

So I'm playing 2 tourneys tonigh:

9:30pm CET £2k GTD £5 Bounty Hunter
10:30pm CET £4k GTD £55 Bounty Hunter

Got £41 left of the £75. Hope my luck continues or even improves Big Smile

Well the dream is over pretty quickly tonight.

£5 game was my AKd to 99 AIPF. Villain shoved for 22BB over my 2.5x raise from UTG. I called. Missed a straight draw, flush draw and overs Sad

£55 game was my AKh vs JJ. Called my 5-bet shove for 53BBs. Standard I guess in a 6-max game. No bounties which is very disappointing.

I shouldn't be playing legitimate hands! Give me Q8 or T6!

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Thumbs Up

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