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How much poker do you play a day?   0   
On average I play around 5-10 games, mainly freerolls some SnGs.How many games do you play on average a day?
I guess it may have been more appropriate to ask how many hours are spent playing.... But anyone, like me ,doesnt want to admit how much time we spend doing something for such "minimal gain"
Keep on playing

I play mostly cash games and the occasional SNG. Usually before I eat breakfast in the morning and make the kids lunches, I am able to squeeze in an hour. In the evening once the day is done another 1-2 hours will be available, depending on what is going on. On the weekend I can usually manage three hours each morning.

depends on my mood, sometimes a few hours a day, today i dont think i have played any yet Tongue

but yea i do take free days from time to time just not to think about poker all the time, even if im trying to become a semi-pro player, or whatever, it doesnt mean i have to play poker 24/7 Sleepy

Not much, or not as much i would like to, the last couple of years.
Lately i am having a hard time playing a whole tourney. Most of the times i have to quit early.
As for ring games from time to time 15-20 minutes tops.

i cant find much time for poker so about a hour a day at the most. if i did have all day to play i don't think i could do more than 2~3 hours at a time. the longest i have played was in a 888 MTT freeroll i came first and it lasted about 3 and a half hours.

Unfortunetly, i play like 10 hours( the average ) of poker on 6 different poker platform per day ( might be some days when i go out, but not so often ). Not all at the same time. My laptop is very weak, so only on 2 platform at the same time, with max 4 tourneys / tables. And i get like , almost nothing. Few cents and then i lost them very very easy. About tourneys, depend on the day, might playing from 10 to almost 50, on all 6 poker platform.

Have a nice day / night and GL.

Depends on the day. What day and what mtts avaliable on it. How many hours I can give up not doing something with the house (cleaning, laundry or walk the dog etc.) or with my girlfriend.
I usually play cardrooms on sport.betting sites where I have a healthy roll, mostly small to medium stake mtts and sngs (but Im going to try the get onto the next PS leader.board to max the fun, I didnt played brm frees quite some time...).
I do them mostly against my sleeping hours and sometime at noon against my work hours.
Its no big deal, this is sort of a recreational hobby for me, Im not on a path becoming a wsop bracelet winner nor that I ever wanted to be.

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For just cash grinding at least two hours a day with the odd freeroll as extra when I am in the mood.

G'day mates

Well I have been grinding a little more and more lately.
It is my plan to get back up to 8 hours of poker grinding per day.
I multi table as well.
Right now I am grinding about 5 hours per day only.
Need to get healthy again to build up my endurance more.
be cool

Ronin Cool

I think I must play around 2 hours per day, but this only this month cause I'm on vacation.

When I'm working I do not play every day.
I would say I play 2 times every week around 30-60 minutes, and a little bit more on weekends.

Of course It also depends on what I'm playing.
If I am playing cash is no more than 2 hours, but if I'm running well on a MTT it will be till my luck end.

Big Smile

Like most people here it really depends on my mood but it also depends on the day, my schedule is never the same as the day before so I can play anywhere from 0 minutes to 16 hours although lately it hasn't been much, maybe just a 3-6 hour session every few days or so. I can be a pretty big degenerate sometimes while others I can be wholesome in the eyes of the poker fearing public.

Nowadays i play a lot less poker that i used to do last year since i started working.

Last year i play around two hours a day, first hour usually during morning and the second on usually during night.

I think not the number of hours is important, rather the time you are able to be 100% focused on the game Blink

I used to play sometin like 7/8 hours a day when i had the time earning average $1200 a month (including bonusses rakeback ect)
After couple off years got reaaly bored and now only play 1/2 hours 2 times a week.

Personally I try to play around five hours per day.The problem is that you can never pre-calculate the amount of time needed. Thats because I start early afternoon with low stakes cash games and around two hours later register to tourneys. Then if I run deep how can I manage to cut down time to what I can possibly like?The main problem is due to my day work concentration and focus to the game last around five hours and I cant maintain my A game much longer after that point.

At the moment with work and family I usually manage an hour or so in the evenings at bed time..... This has an impact on the next day, so it all depends on how the day goes and how the next day is due to impact...... Weekends depending on family commitments may get a few hours on one of the days...... I would love to be able to play 8 hours a day

It depends on many condition.

When You are supposed to make money, not to make fun; You should consider playing full time - weekends included Smile

I usually spend at least 3-4 hours/day; mainly cash games; micro sng, freerolls etc.

Yeeep that right - not matter how much; it's crucial to stay focus on playing Smile

But I think most players playing at micro stakes; so it is not possible to make a decent profit without large amount of time spending at poker Smile

Thumbs Up

stopped playing online poker so bloody boring Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Usually only one hour session of SNG´s a day, either DON´s on Party or 9max turbos on FullTilt.
On the saturday however I play for about 6 hours.
I play some MTT SNG´s at Pokerstars and a longer session of 9max turbos at FT or DON´s at Party.

Posted by mandy1966:
stopped playing online poker so bloody boring Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Multi tables. Tongue

I mostly play cash tables, but also free tournaments party not bypass. Playing poker for 2-3 hours of free time. Smile

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