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Hey everyone, my name is Jason and im from eastern Ontario, Canada. I love all animals especially my cichlid fish! I have 4 tanks currently setup. 35 gallon mixed african cichlid tank, a 25 gallon South American cichlid tank, and two 10 gallon tanks. One for my guppies, and one for a hospital / fry tank, and im definately looking to expand! I currently run a YouTube channel with all my fishkeeping, and beekeeping videos, yes im a beekeeper as well! I will post up one of my videos for you all to check out, and if you like that, please Like & Subscribe as I will be uploading videos EVERY WEEK! Once I get enough subscribers, there will be upcoming give-a-way contests as well! It could be anything from free fish food, to a jar of pure fresh Canadian honey! You never know! So hit that subscribe button on my YouTube Page! Here is the video link!

P.S One of my convict cichlids have laid eggs, look in my channel for the videos!

- Jason

Very cool dude...!!! I love all people who love animals... and when I say that, I mean even the ones like lions and tigers and bears that could potentially EAT you too... Big Smile

Never had any fish,...but a friend did. I loved looking at his fish swimmin' around after blowin' a big fattie or two.... (Us, ....obviously not the fish blowin'

I have a buddy who also beekeeps and always look forward to getting some honey.

I saw a very good documentary on TVO or PBS recently where they went to Yemen I think it was or one of those tiny Middle Eastern countries where they harvest the tastiest and most expensive honey on Earth...(due to it's scarcety). The hanging hives are hundreds of feet WAY up on cliff faces, and the guys have to dangle down on ropes into a cloud of bees to get to it... Luckily they've been smoked from fires below at the base.... They'd be dropping down 50 and 100 pound slabs of the stuff... Shock

Hey dude.... type in a few key words so as to go and find your YT stuff.... I NEVER click on links.... Nothing personal...

What town are you in or near? I live over in the Georgian Bay/Lake Huron neck of the woods... Smile

I live near Kingston, Ontario. I was born up near Lake Huron neck of the woods lol in a town called Paisley. Then moved to Kincardine. Now 29, I live in a town called Bath. 20 Minutes west of Kingston, ON. Thanks for the comment on my post! And for my videos, type in "CichlidFinaddictTV" to check em out Smile

Long time no see! How have you been?

Posted by cuonthefelt:
I was born up near Lake Huron neck of the woods lol in a town called Paisley. Then moved to Kincardine.

PIXLEY,.....You are from PIXLEY..... Big Smile< lol.... (Green Acres reference). Small world, you know,...that's just a stone's throw down the road.

I grew up at Sauble,....we call Paisley,...Pixley.... You know,...Mr. Haney, Arnold Ziffel, Mr. Drucker,... DAHLINK,....and all them.... Smile We could have some friends in common...!

Checked out your YT TV Channels.... WOW!!!! Very interesting dude....!!!

Was that swarm in the tree a wild swarm you found or lured...? An old guy from Sauble here was the go-to-guy to lure bees away from people's properties. Swarms of those things just instill MORTAL fear in

Nice fishes too....

My buddy had a little Shark of some sort in one of his tanks,... It looked JUST like a mini shark, although,...I can't remember if it was really a shark,...or some sort of look-a-like... It was about 4 or 5 inches long and was VERY aggressive...

Your Lemon Drop Cicclids are making me thirsty for some fruit juice...

Great hobbies you have there...! Thumbs Up

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