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i am a donkey, I REALLY AM A DONKEY   +3   
omg i suck so much at poker its scary,the fifth time now i went broke.
the fifth time i made like 300 bucks out of 10 bucks in two weeks by playing small buy in sng and mtt tournaments ,and blowing it all on one day.
i know 300 is not much,but somehow it seems to be always the same.
i put a little money there paly good for a few weeks ,then i start playing lose because i get too comfident and of course i stop winning then.
then there is the first downsing,that lasts about 7 days ,i can deal with that though but after that i start steaming.i sit down at a dumb cash table that is way too high for me and blow it because im scared.

i really think i am a good player ,when it comes to playing cards but i dont have the right character too play poker profitable in the long run because i start to take things personal and let bad sessions break my spirit too kmow what i mean?
what do you guys think?should i give it up and let poker be poker or should i give it one last try?
the truth is i know why it happens, but when im steaming its like its someone else that is playing.
dont get me wrong , its not like i cant live without playing poker or i would rob a bank to buy in into a tourney ,its just that i really do suck pretty fucking hard at everything that is money related,i am a student and i wanted to earn some extra bucks with poker but i think i am jsut pissing myself off with it right now.

so give me your opinion,maybe some of you have been just as dumb as me or maybe someone has a good avice for me.

Its so hard to do, stick with your bankrollmanagement.
After few winnings you think your a pro and play to high stakes.
Or after a few loses you think you can win it back in 5min.

When i feel i go little bit tilting i take a really cold shower.
But last time i never tilt i feel great Cool

If you have money left you can try again but stick with your bankrollmanagement dude Smile

yeah bankroll management is the key i know that,as longs as i follow the 50 buy in rule for example i do well ,whenever i play too high i get smacked around or even worse i win and think i can beat the limit without bankrollmanagent and then i come back and get smacked even harder

I just to have the same problem, and it costed me a couple of 1000s....
Just remember to hold on to bankroll management and you will be fine. Worship

I think me and you are on the same page, well for me is i cannot walk away when im up money i bought in with 40 dollars and 32 hours later(this was at casino by the way)i was up 12 hundred bucks on a (4-8 limit) table i was up , but i didnt leave cause im a dumbass and i lost 300 of it and , after that i did leave but i was still up 860$$$ , but ive tooken poker training so now i am playing smarter , there are some good poker training videos and books , trust me dothat before you play again , ever since ive watched these 3 videos , ive won 3 tourneys so far coming in 1st place , with mutli table tournys 3,000 or more players and of course some single table once before i did the training ive never even made it to a final table in my life , so just take some training man , it should help i didnt think it would help me but it did Big Smile

We are all donkeys. Even they ho think they are pro. They are so bad loosers and that it worse an being a donkey. Good luck and hope we meet in the donkey world Aww crap! Aww crap!

Yes - we have all been there and for some reason we keep forgetting. When U are up by 12 hundred bucks in a session and starts to get the feeling of things going wrong.. LEAVE THE TABLE - DO NOT PLAY POKER, TAKE A BREAK but for some reason we keep thinking... just one more hand..... if I catch the big hand etc......
Been there - done that Aww crap!

I've also been there in the past...
Nowadays i stick to my management allways, it works Smile
You can have 10 times loose in a row but thats no problem with your management, thats just a bad strike.
You have also lucky days with 10times win in a row Smile
But playing above your management and 10 times loose your broke so dont do it Cool

I know the feeling, I know 2 persons who did bust $500 in one day, they said that they had a disgusted feeling, I did also experience that and the solution is simply to take a little break and be back with a nice mood to start winning as playing while you're steaming is bad.

For a start if you turn 10 in to 300 you dont suck (if ony it was Ks), as most of the outher posts say you need to go learn bankroll managment and use it, no need to give up it looks like you could do well from poker, but its not all fast money you should play to enjoy, id guess most ppl have done what you have done playing what we cant afford to play, try sngs rather than the ring games, but take it as a lesson, besides that you should be revising!

Hello, don't be so hard on yourself! it is a very popular mistake to act like you did, that is playing out of bankroll... just try to learn from your mistarkes and think that afeter all you just lost your first investment of 10$

wow,cool a lot of answers.well,i thought about it a little and decided just to forgett it for a few days and now i will enjoy sun a little,do some workout and leave the game alone.
then i will see what i am doing , probably sartt to play some freerolls or use some bonus offers, but dont want to deposit anymore .

just keep on ripping can doit if you makin a few hundred bucks.have faith in the poker gods.they will deliver for you. Evil

ok im back to 130 bucks on luckyace now but i want to leave the site as soon as possible since i heard a lot of b******t about them,but thanks to you guys,without this forum i probably would have quit online poker after my last blow up Smile
reading that im not the only tilter on earth helped me get along with it

Good 4 you Smile

And now have lots af profit Worship

NIce 1 poinfighter, you can cash out any amount over the bonus! well on most sites anyway 888 might be a little diffrent, Iv just donked out of 2 sngs first 1, lost to 48 off to BB i had a8 suited hit A on turn (8 2 J)(A)(4), even stacs, 2nd 1 all in with KK gets called by 88 she flops flush and str8 draw! and hits flush my 3k vs 5k, not my day. 4th on both.

wasent happy with 4th so played anouther 2 and came 1st in both :}
I addapted the sng mentallity, just dont play, it seams to me that when it gets down to 4-5 players ppl stop playing leaving its left to 2 ppl to battle it out whilst chip leader slowly drops chips and even out the table!!, im getting tired of this sort of play, but if you cant beat them join them

Edited by B1gfoot (30 June 2008 @ 15:21 GMT)

Nice b1gfoot great rematch Blink

My strategy for sitngo is:

In early stage only risk allin with AA, KK, sometimes QQ, never AK!
Try to limp AK AQ sometimes high suite connectors
For JJ TT a 5BB raise, 99 and lower i only limp.
AK in early stage i only limp, had me in trouble many times.

With 4/5 people left (outof 10) i never limp. (sometimes in late position)
I fold or raise or push if shortstaked.
Never give away free cards!

But every pokerroom is different i noticed so at other rooms you can raise more/less, steal blinds more often/less ect.

Its funny how different people when you play another room.
Goodluck all Smile

I feel a little like you because I got a no deposit bonus at titan poker that I wasn't expecting, so I thought that I couldn't loose anything because if I lost the bonus it didnt really matter lol it was 50 dollars, and I played at NL 1-2 lol crazy but anyways I was a little crazy yesterday. I went up to 135 dollars in half an hour or less then took a break, when I came back I lost it all in the turn, first I had 66 and the flop is J96 and after some raises I go all in against a guy who had J9 then a 9 comes and I loose 50 dollars lol, the other hand I had QK and the flop was 910J I went allin against AK and a Q came on the turn, so yeah im a little pissed but i know i deserved it Aww crap!

Damn bad beats Aww crap!

Smile Aww crap!
you got to know when to hol'dem
know when to foldem
know when to walk away
and know when to run

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