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what pokersite is for u the best and why  0   
i like to play on full tilt for the most freerolls i like to play pkr couse the graphics. Thumbs Up

i dont like playmoney anymore Tongue

i wanna know what on your mind about all the site's and mabey u like other sites Heart Big Smile

I like PKR as one of the most and also one of the features of dafapoker called twister S&G i quite like it brings some more excitement into the game. since you can win alot for only like $2

I have a theory that we all play best on certain sites due to reinforcement, what we win on certain sites and how much we lose.

I used to play 888, but it's not a serious site. I swore PS was a bogey site, but actually I went back and haven't left. So PS for me, for sheer volume it can't be beaten. However, for MTT other sites are better as there are fewer players in each one and it's generally easier to cash.

Im some addicted to the soft that I just can't play on bad softwares.. feels like its not real money, dont know why.. Ive tried few others but in the final ive tanked in most of them.. So Ive played only on full tilt and pokerstars these days.. Actually one site that I liked (even I lost my money) was party poker were I won 20dollars tournament money from the calender and tried to built something went to almost 100d but didn't have the best brm and lost, hard to play with small stakes when u can play bigger.. But don't want to deposit there, they taking from the cash out like 3% or something? And in pokerstars I play mainly only MTT and never won anything big there Sad But still like it Smile So my answer is FTP and PS Thumbs Up

FullTilt - was my first Pokersite, so I like it, feel comfortable there (great running software...)
Pokerstars - most players, never waiting for almost any game
Partypoker - the worst opponents + extremely good BRM no deposit bonus

I really dont think that there is much difference between the very top poker sites and i would play where you are most comfortable with and enjoy doing so. Whatever you choose, please come back and tell us how you are getting on and which site you chose

I think PokerStarts is by far the best poker site.
Traffic is pretty high, you might find whathever game you want to play at almost any hour.
Moreover, the support is excellent.

FullTilt is also pretty good, but I still like more the interface in PokerStars.

I could not be able to play at PKR cause I can run the client due to some driver which are not wotking on my laptop. However I have also heard very good comments about PKR.

I dont like PartyPoker. Rake is too high in microlimits.

i love ftp because of its software but ps is ok too i suppose.

i used to like iPoker network more in the past, but thats probably because it was my first network ever and i kinda liked some of its inbuilt features (like % when you shove). what i dont miss is its sounds though, dam those were annoying lol

pkr is decent too but i never got used to its software and traffic could be a bit higher too :/

my first was carbon poker for me the badest site ever seen so far , 4 freerolls a day in 4 year 5 dollar win Aww crap! i play now on full tilt and came in 3 months on 125 dollar so thats why i do like full tilt Big Smile

Well my advise would be depend; what do You expect;

If You willing to take part of biggest MTT; with huge prizepool and thousend's of players; PokerStars is the best place to play. There are many of well-paid big MTT every day; with such a great Deep Stack struckture; many of them starting with 5k chips and 15 min. blinds; but with high buy-in.

Also second big adventage is ZOOM poker; which is currently very popular at Stars; with thousends of players at micro limits.

Disadvantage may be fact, that MOST of pokerstars players are experienced players; it's diffucult to find fish even on micro stakes cashes.

IF You consider PKR; i had some experience with this platform; and I must confess that I made couple of good places at MTT tournaments; which wasn't happend at Stars. I have just started playing MTT at PKR for serious; and doing pretty good; so in my opinion it's just much easier to play MTT there (if You are not experienced yet); but besides there are very few MTT with well-prized pool;

so the choice is Yours;;

Secondly; PKR is definently NO GOOD for multi-table game Blink

The answer depends on what a player is looking for and what "fits" to him.But there is no doubt that Pokerstars is very far away for lot of reasons.
A player can find what sort of buy in likes.Large numbers every hour of the day gathering at Pokerstars tables Because of that Sit n Go s tables start faster than every other platform.Prizepools are higher and specially weekends nearly are double in comparison with the rest of the week.Higher level player exists too but you can't have all?
In conclussion i think Pokerstars is way ahead and i will keep playing there.

I still think that full tilt poker is the best, both as graphic and as site in general.

Another good site in my opinion is 888 poker, i also made some nice profits over there.

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