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Hey all,

So I was hoping the leaderboard would be up to date to aid in my gloating but I ended up winning that Freeroll Smile $4 yeah baby! I was the short stack at almost all times on the FT even heads up initially. Exciting battle for sure.

Well done, sir. What's your Party ID?

Yesireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....! Nice....! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

I've never actually got a 1st place in any of the BankrollMob tourneys.... Sad

...BUT,....I've nailed a few 2nd places.... Smile

I'll be on Party Poker shortly,...maybe I can meet up with a few of you guys on a final table... Dollar

Congrats dear sir on your winnings, I guess Its time that some forum regular would prove these frees are not entirely donkfests despite some member here are trying to paint them.
You could also write up some key hands from that heads up if you want - I know this is not the learning channel but It could be interesting.
Also you might want to add a couple infos/situations you played differently as you would in some regular mtt/sng, what range did you used, what sizes were your pre-flop bets - anything that somebody could learn from.
According to others, some members here having hard times with these frees as I mentioned they cant stand all those loose players who are going full retard on PS and FT in the first couple stages on these toureys.

congrats, surely a no easy task to battle through a pile of pre-flop shove monkeys, drunk degenerates (mainly from eastern europe), a few broke poker pro's (yeah right), and the rest of highly qualified poker players. you should be proud of yourself Thumbs Up oh and yeah- always nice to see a forum reg doing well Worship

Congratulations to you on doing so well in this freeroll. I have been playing them and i know that they are extremely difficult to win and you also need a great deal of luck because of the very loose players that are playing these tournaments

Cheers congratulations man, a few more win and you can stay top of the leaderboard and get a huge prize for your efforts. Also going in short stack and winning it is the best feeling. I feel i can play better when short stacked rather than when I am deep. Some players are the other way around.

Anyway have fun at the tables!

Posted by Heskor:
I feel i can play better when short stacked rather than when I am deep. Some players are the other way around.

I tend to play a little like that too Heskor! I think it's because being short stacked compels you to take a few more risks...

If that's the case, then it's telling you to take more risks no matter what size stack you have and be consistent playing that way... In the long run you will go deeper and win more... Smile Thumbs Up

...although, I tend to tighten up nearing the bubble,...then once in the money,...loosen up again... Smile

congratz on your win ari Smile sure $4 might not sound like much money but it surely means a whole lot for that leaderboard.

heck im happy when i get like 20c for ftp leaderboard Big Smile speaking of which i was doing great there til i almost completely stopped playing those freerolls, gotta play some more to keep my place in top 30, used to be in top10 :/

how many people are there on party brb freerolls anyways? is it anything like ps/ftp? donkfest and stuff? Tongue

Congratulations mate, you did great and considering that this leaderboard is pretty short one this first place is a great win Smile

I would keep playing them, another podium places and you can get a nice place in the end Big Smile

Posted by MFZERO:
Well done, sir. What's your Party ID?

Thanks, its: JoeyMajik

Demo, that'd be great fun if a few forum regs ended up FT. Thanks for the kind words

Bowie1984 - I'll try set aside some time to review somethings. I've never actually recorded hands for replay yet (although I know I should be to analyse). What software is best for that?

@pochi - Lol good ol' drunk Eastern Europe. I was pretty proud, felt like I played it cool and calm even short stack for so long. Exciting come back.

@doubletap: Certainly had some luck on my side, can get through the crowd without taking a few risks Smile

@Heskor - I think you're on to something there. A big stack can make you feel secure and invinsible eh?

Apple - you're right there certainly I was more thrilled about the position then the prize lol. I wasn't going to play too many of these but I have a good shot at the leaderboard so I may step it up a notch. Wish it would update faster, dying to know Smile btw: 250 - 350 range for players I think on average.

@Macubaas - Thanks, and I'll definitely take your advice there. It'd be nice to score a big chunk from the leaderboard, plus it'll make my profile page look great, lol.

Thanks again everyone for the comments and advice, I have lots to learn yet Smile

I don´t know why, but I have never won a 70/30 pre flop all in spot (e.g. AK vs AJ) in BRM freerolls on Partypoker yet.

Posted by ddblt1970:
I don't know why, but I have never won a 70/30 pre flop all in spot (e.g. AK vs AJ) in BRM freerolls on Partypoker yet.

My AK suited never wins and KQ. Seems like the lower hands like K5 or A3 win more than those.

N1 just finished 2nd in one of these heads up got KK lost too A5 suited i am liking all these donks 2 final tables so far 2nd and a 5th its amazing what ppl shove with GL Blink Blink Cool Cool Big Smile Big Smile

ARITHMAJIK..... Well done n this somewhat wonderful achievement. Keep up the good work and smile..... It aim all over till the fat lady sings so you could o n and get an even better result (bigger prize fund). Next time. Well Done

Thanks again all and may your big slicks never fail, heh. Totally agree Vic75, sometimes it feels like people are just giving positions away. Leaderboard still no update Sad I'll just have to keep playin anyhow. Missed a couple days sadly.

gg Thumbs Up !!!

i make 3 FT in two days 5th 2th 1st Club hope make top10

That's some very nice finishes. I'm sure you'll be top ten at this rate. I've only got a couple other money finishes, nothing spectacular. Better step my game if I'm going to compete, lol.

Good luck out there, hope to see you FT, and beat you of course Smile

already got litle points and yesterday got second maybe i was heads up 2 you Smile Thumbs Up job

That's great Issi, looks like more than a few forum goers are in this leader board, fun times out there. Probably wasn't me on that FT, mine was a few days back. Keep on keepin' on.

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