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Hi all,

Got a 5th today in one of those Party freerolls, which is nice because I haven't really been playing them lately, real life and all that. Only downer is MFZERO seems to be owning the board, lol. Hopefully I can get a few more decent finishes and at least hit the leaderboard money Smile

Good luck out there, except MFZERO, may you miss all your coin flips, lol.

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Only had 1 early ITM cash today for .19cents. On the other hand I cashed in a PLO8 $1 Buy-In and won $2.75 and cashed in a $2 buy-in for for $6.

In a BrM FR my AA lost to 99.

N 1 finished 13th in one these my short stack AK ran into the wheel of A5 straight i think i better start too play all of these if i want a shot at the top 30 btw Canada will beat U.S.A tomorrow GL at the tables Blink

Ha ha, that's good, then at least today I gained a little ground on you. You guys know how far behind the leaderboard usually is by the way? Glad to hear you made some cash at least. Nice you had a good finish to Vic. Canada all the way for sure!

These freerolls are very enjoyable and i have been participating in them and have reached two final tables and cashed a few times. I finished fourth the other day when my pocket aces were cracked by pocket fives when he hit 4 to the straight on the board Sad

Congratulations mate, keep going in the freeroll and you will move up the leader board and hopefully stay there and get some cash for your efforts afterwards. Cheers have fun at the table and I hope you doing well on party poker.

Do you play the other freerolls too, pokerstars one, full tilt one and party poker one or just the party poker one. If you play more, more chance of winning more money.

Posted by Arithmajik:
Hi all, Got a 5th today in one of those Party freerolls,

Nice finish A...! Always a thrill to make the final table...!

First up,.... I think your username is pretty cool and imaginative,...a twist on the word Arithmatic... both of which are applicable to poker... Smile Thumbs Up

Secondly,...I have reconsidered my opinion on the quality of play on PP/BrM freerolls. The other day I said they were the worst. I commented too early, because after playing them for 4 days, they have proven me WRONG... Confused

One should never rush to judgement. I got a bad impression, because the first day I played, it turned out to be just 'One of those days' where every game you play seems to be a donkfest, which it was,...but in the last few days, they have been quite good, with a fairly high level quality of play for a freeroll...

Of the 18 games I played, I cashed to varying degrees in 15 of them, with a 3rd place being the best,....and a grand total of $4.35, and a 47th place on the leaderboard,...which should approximately hold upon updating... Smile

Slowly climbing... Got 7 days to make the cash. Should be fun...

Would be nice to see a lot of the regs here in the cash...!!! Dollar Thumbs Up

Those Partypoker freerolls are much better than FT and PS ones.

Thanks Double and Demo, oh and thanks for the positive feedback on the name, I thought it was a fun way to get something that's rarely taken.

Looks like you're doing really well on the leaderboards Demo, keep it up. I haven't been playing as many as I'd like but hopefully I'll get a few more decent finishes before it's done and squeak into the cash.

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