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i made the FT and i was sitting in position 3 /259 it was $1.50 to enter
i've got about 500,000 chips,blinds were 50/100,000 and i get QQ,i'm first to act so all-in i go and i get 2 folds bb who is the chip leader calls and turns over A-2 off,if i hold i'm chip leader so then comes the flop a blank,no help to her but on the turn she hits her ace and i'm out in 4th,not too unhappy as i got over $27 but i was just thinking that i don't think i'd have called with just an A-2.
any opinions ?

Edited by teddybears73 (24 February 2014 @ 01:45 GMT)

probably not a good call from the chip leader, guess he was thinking that this push is a blatant robbery in the middle of the day so he just had to unmask you...surely he wasn't too happy when he saw your holdings, but poker gods were on his side in that hand and you left holding your balls in your hands Big Smile still a great performance Thumbs Up

All depends on the stack size. I would have been very tempted to call with any ace so i think this wasnt to bad a call.Still extremely unlucky to lose with pocket queens but you must have played well to get that far in the tournament

Some, if the have an edge in chips that allows them to lose the and and still be
in the game may call with everything. And an Ace is a good hand for it.
You got unlucky there but, it was a nice finish. Wish you to take it down next time Smile

You played it fine, just got drawn out by variance, QQ should beat most hands even Ax, it has big equity against them. Just unlucky, keep playing like this ang going to the final table and you will make big money and hope you go out as a favorite rather than lose, going against a stronger range!

Cheers congratulations on the 4th place and keep it up man!

I also think you played it okay so it was not a mistake but again my experience on late mtt is pretty limited...

Still on that stages your hand was pretty strong, as you know people play much weaker hands in that stage of the game.

Well done sir. Sounds like both players played their hands correctly.

The A2 has decent equity against your UTG short stack shove range.

Congrats for your 4h place teddy.

What a bad luck to lose QQ against A2 in a FT, even more with 4 player remaining.
If you would have won, you would had been in pretty good shape for the last part of the tournament, with great chance to win it.

Anyway, you can stay calm, as long as you made the right move.
Next time the story should be different.

Thumbs Up

A2 in that spot is a stupid call to your AI shove - sure you can have nothing to AA, he's not going to know, but calling with such a s**t hand is cavalier and not a good long term play. Any pocket pair is way ahead against it, as are better aces.

To the dunce the spoils.

aye i know noonlion,same as tonight, i was in 18/249 36 getting paid.
i'm in the bb with A-Qc utg min raises and they all fold round to me,i figure all in and he'll fold pick up the blinds and antes job done!!
i've got 60,000 and he;s got 64,000 4 places untill pay out remember!
all in it is and he calls with 4 fkin 2 off so he hits a 2 on the flop and i'm out wtf...
i mean reall,y even if i'm bluffing what's he beating?
tournament on the line with 4-2,maybe that's why i don't win a lot

Good call, you shove only for 5BB, so he is getting very good odds to call. And against your complete shoving range (,which you should have from that position with your stacksize,) his A2 will have enough equity to make the call profitable.

P.S.: even against queens, ace-rag wins in 30% of the times

Was he already in a winning spree? Sometimes, when he win a lot of hands that we decided all the way til the river in row, we tend to have the "unbeatable" feeling. Either this happened to that A2 chipelader, or,like others said, he thought you're trying to rob. But, on the other side, when there are only 4 guys at the table, having an Ace in the hand is a good game too!

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