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Mobbits, look what happened two minutes ago! Two players went all in preflop. I had AA and called all in as well.

Aaaaaaand Showdown: Straight Flush against Flush Ace High, against two pairs AA99. Big Smile

Incredible, right? You can't see straight flush so often these days!

It seems today is a crazy night! Look what had happened at my table: AA vs AA ! Big Smile Too bad I folded! I would beat Four Aces Big Smile

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nice one, too bad you were on the other side of it but hey thats poker Tongue

btw that other guy that called with A8o , would be blasphemy if he won so i suppose you could be glad because of it. I mean, if you had to lose, you lost to better preflop hand and not some freaking A8o eh Big Smile


nice hands.
I can't remember the last time I had a straight flush
I hope you have learnt to never fold 10-7 off suit before seeing the flop.
Together with J3o are one of the best hands as no one expect you call with them.

I wish you good luck Peter if you still have chips to play in that tournament.

See you!

Cool Thumbs Up

Posted by Plexo:
I can't remember the last time I had a straight flush

Back when I used to play 6-10 tables at a time, for a few hours a day, every day - I actually got straight flushes 'relatively'often - they become boring, I'd see one in one of the tables and hardly blink an eye - except to extract some value. Although, Royal Flushes were always still rare (although I've probably had around ten of those online, more than most casual players).

These days - I can't even remember the last time I played a single hand of poker, let alone had a straight flush - probably been a year at least (since I had a SF).

Peter: That sucks mate, with the first hand, always brutal getting your aces crushed after AIPF, that said - if you're going to lose with aces, might as well lose to a SF.

Well,....I guess there's not much else you can lose four aces to except a Royal Flush...

Oddly enough, I've gotten more Royal Flushes than I have straight flushes...

...about 5 or 6 in 3 years or so, but only about 3 or 4 straights...

I got a Royal Flush one time at a table and didn't even realize it until I saw that someone typed in something to the effect of... "nh,...royal flush" and when I looked,...sure enough, I had gotten one... Confused

These hands are always surprising when they come along because it is such a rarity. These hands only seem to get paid though when you are all in pre flop because they never get paid post flop because they are such an obvious distractor

Its nice when you hit it and there is a massive 4 way pot i hit 2 in one day 35 Heart Heart BB and hit it right on the flop 888 chrome free roll then J9 Spade Spade hit it on the turn on Poker Stars Big Smile Big Smile Cool Cool Blink Blink

Straight flush tends to be a common hand nowdays. That is happening because of great numbers of hands been dealt every second/minute/hour.
Have to notice here that I have seen so far around ten times Royal flush (three times in my favor,one against and the others was just spectator. I do like more straight and flush when the player needs both hole cards to hit them. Makes more thrilling the moment of showdown.
In my mind when four cards of same flush are already on board I always wait one player to have a fifth on hand and of course won't never gonna fold it whatever bet I make.

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