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after cashing out in party poker...the bad run still continues....  0   
after cashing out in party poker about 5 months ago....the bad run still continues....still im not seeing any changes in the games that i play in party poker...having a very long bad run in paraty bank is already running small...i should have not cashed out maybe...its really a mystery to me because my style from the 5 moths ago until now is still the same....

One more reason to play at PokerStars! The withdrawals are more often than any other poker site!

You might need to deposit there again to end your bad run Big Smile

May be it is just variance or may be your game changed (although you say it does not).

I have heard a lot os stories about people who think that cashing out is not good, but some other says that no change occurred when they withdraw.

In my case, I have not notice any swing with withdraws. I
Instead, when I deposit I tend to lose more Big Smile


Maybe you should use one of those poker tracking software? I'm currently trying a free trial of Poker Tracker. But there are plenty of programs out there, BRM offers a Poker Office trial. Perhaps it would notice something or allow you to notice something that you aren't? I'm pretty new to the game myself, just an idea. Anyways though, I hope your luck turns around!

Take care and good luck everyone! Aww crap!

After such a long period you should take a break from there and play in another site.
If you keep chasing, it may hurt your bankroll even more.
Also you can try changing your style if you can Smile

Mober's advice is great, i would definately suggest ti take a pause from playing there for the moment!

If you continue most probably you'll end up losing even more money.

What game and limit do you play now?

Yea their right you need to stop playing at party for a while, and try somewhere else, it's not your playing thats hampering you right now,it's in your head that when you play you gonna lose. you need to play somewhere else so you can get that out of your head,then you'll find you'll start winning again. what ever you deceide to do good luck. Thumbs Up

BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » after cashing out in party poker...the bad run still continues....

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