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Cracked mob safe!!! 40$!!!  0   
I was able to crack the safe using less than 30 shots!!

First 20 shots, I was just putting random numbers.
And then I thought I should put a number that is special to me.
So I started putting the number of my birthday, my friends and my family... and Hallelujah!!!

So everyone, if you want to crack the safe, instead of putting random numbers, put a number that is special to you. If it doesn't hit, just give up for that day, and save your shots for another day.

Good luck to everyone!!!

By the way, I have to collect another 1000 points to cash out... what should I do...
Crack the safe again? Smile

Congratulations, mate! Good job! Thumbs Up Open the calendar doors more often and who knows may be you will win another 1000 Mob Points! Smile

Good luck! Blink

I've been using my 'Special' number for a VERYYYYYYYYYYYY long time now,...and it's becoming apparent to me that maybe my special number AIN'T so special after all... Sad <Boooo-Hooooooo....

...but I will keep pluggin' it in because I figure it should come up at LEAST once every 2 3/4 years.... Big Smile

Nice win....

Save your 1,000 points for a 5,000 point cashout... Thumbs Up

Many congratulations to you on cracking the safe and to win it when it has rolled over to $40 is an even greater achievement. I have only ever cracked the safe once but i will endeavor to keep trying.Congratulations again to you

thanks Peter7878!
I tried clicking all the calendar but I couldn't pick anything Big Smile

thanks demodawggy!
C-bet is a key to win the pot Smile
Keep on trying.

thanks doubletop777
I was so lucky that the safe contained so much money.

I tried 10 more shots, in case I am super lucky, but I couldn't crack the safe.

I need 970points more. Smile

You could always spend 1,000 mobpoints in safe combinations even if the safe had only $20, and if you open it you would get the investment plus the 1,000 mobpoints you were looking for and you would have get to your objective of getting 5,000 mobpoints. But don't take this as an advice, remember the risk, it's possible to invest those 1,000 mobpoints and not open the safe...

Yeah if you fancy your luck then by all means save up those shots and when it reaches a big amount say 40 dollars or 50 dollars then you try your luck. but no guarantee it's just luck in the end. Anyway to the original poster. Congratulations for winning it with less than 30 shots, it is a rare feat. So it is cause for celebration.

Cheers good luck maybe you will get it in only 1 shot next time. yeah I know slim chance but you never know right. Cheers ;D

used 10 shots to train my 6 sensse on guessing numbers.

failed. Evil

thanks Fakiry!
Ah! Good idea!
That's how you cracked the 50$ safe?
I went to buy mob shots, but it was 5points/1shot...
I thought 1point/1shot, so you can buy only 200shots...fmm
Maybe when there is 50$, I'll try buying 200shots or 400shots!

thanks Heskor!
I want to crack the safe with 1 shot.
I'll train myself on guessing numbers.
Good luck to you Blink

Edited by flashfaust01 (05 March 2014 @ 16:25 GMT)

Congratulations mate, you did great, you also got a very nice prize for the calendar Big Smile

Another option to collect those 1000 mob points would be to activate your affiliate link and invite some friends on the site Blink

Thats a good idea flashfaust01 I'll try that because I've just won 50 safe shots Smile it could start off with any number though.My girls the 6th so I'll crack 10 shots on that Blink

a very nice win for you there flashfaust Thumbs Up
it's always nice to see mobsters come and post when they win,even better when it's a good prize.
well done again. Thumbs Up

thank you macubaas!
I'll try to find a friend!

thank you Dazalef!
50 shots is good enough to try your luck!
Good luck!

thank you teddybears73!
I am very happy that so many people celebrating me.

Unfortunately I am losing and losing in pokerstars, -30$...I don't know why...
Everytime I move, someone has a very nice hand.
Maybe because I cracked the safe.
I have to crack it again to get my luck back.

I need 940points more to cash out Smile

G'day mate

Congratulations on a great win dude.
I have never cracked the safe but I will someday.
just stay active and post in the forums and you will get there before you know it.
wishing you all the best
be cool

Ronin Cool

thanks RoninHarper!
I was very lucky.

I tried cracking the safe again.
used 60 shots and failed.
so I bought another 50, but didn't hit.

I guess I was just lucky that day.
I'll save 500 shots and try again when the safe contains 50$.

wow you cracked it ! i was trying ever since i became a member here but no luck! i hope that money will go a million times bro! Good luck!

thank you 3paulx!

I hope I can be a millionaire by just cracking the

I need 1160 points more to cash out Sad

If you'll gonna crack the safe, make sure that the safe has more than 50$, unless you'll gonna suffer for extra points to cash out, like me.

flashfaust01 i can not believe this.I did what you sugested and went for my girl's birthday, like I stated in the post of the 6th so wrote down the codes I used 631,642,621,0nly did one more 686. It did not open so left it there.The next time I log in I see the safe was cracked.When I looked at the numbers to crack it I can not believe it. What is going on there,I have the numbers wrote still infront of me.It has proven to me it's a fiddle thats all I can say.I have email'd this site and told and told them I wont the codes I've used to prove my point.When they get back to me they will not have a leg to stand on.

Dazalef, that's terrible.
You had the numbers, and the safe didn't open?
I'm not sure if they keep records of all the numbers entered by users, but you should claim them.

Mob safe game system looks cheap to me, sometimes that happens I think.

You're not asking for money, just points, it's not a big problem to them.

Cheers flahfaust01 for the comment.

You know what i wrote about your system and I was using number 6 as the first number.I've got no reason to make this up.

I've emailed the mob just see what happens

I managed just 200 Mob Poits
Calendar WinnerYou won:
200 MobPoints

The MobPoints have already been credited to your Mob account.

Please come back later and try your luck again!

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