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8 freerolls on March 4th will not be included in the leaderboard  0   
Hey Mobsters,

This is my story from last night: I played that PokerStars freeroll at 0:00 EET
(ID: 874205610) and I did very well. I was the chip leader with more than 300K chips. It was my night! Most of the players told me:

"Great game, you play very well, you are so lucky, how you do this, a very good player etc". So, repeating so many times I am so lucky, I felt something will happen. The strangest thing for that freeroll was that 5K+ players were registered 45 minutes before the freeroll starts. The pass here was wrong, so I found it on facebook. I registered as well.

The game I did was really so sick, that I couldn't believe that I was always winning the hands. So after reaching more than 300K chips with blinds 5K/10K , I had the opportunity to seat at the final table.

But as always one Russian appear at my table and messed up with my plans. He kicked me out! Angry I finished at 46 place, winning $0.08 (5K+ players were registered for thatone).

So, I said to myself: "Not so bad. It will be good for the leaderboard." But today I checked the leaderboard section and BOOOOOOOOM! I read the following message in yellow:


March 5th: Due to some mistakes regarding passwords, 8 freerolls played on March 4th as well as 2 freerolls on March 5th, will not be included in the leaderboard. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Did you see now! After repeating so many times how lucky I was, where that luck brought me up! To nowhere! Because this result (46 place) will not be included in the leaderboards.

I do NOT wish you such luck as mine! Aww crap!

Good luck at the tables! Thumbs Up

Best Regards,


Edited by Peter7878 (05 March 2014 @ 16:21 GMT)

Well isn't THAT a big Bum Hair Peter.... Sad

I guess if there's a mistake though,'s only fair to everyone that the results for those tourneys not count...!

....BUT....there is a slight upside to the predicament:

Nobody else moves up either, you basically stay even with everybody else... Smile

TIP: If you wind up at a table with ME,'ll notice that I shove EVERY hand in that PS/BrM thing REGARDLESS of what I have... I shove total JUNK, don't be afraid to attempt to capitalize...

Dollar Dollar Dollar

Total winnings to date from playing approximately 225 tourneys like an A$$hole shoving EVERY hand: .11c Big Smile

Smile Thumbs Up

Ok now i am officially confused:How much did you win?If am not wrong you won 0.08 dollars?And you think you are unlucky because 0.08 points won't count to Top200 BankrollMob Leaderboard?What the top four or even the final table would have to say?In my opinion only spots which gives above 0.50 dollars are worth the time invested in these full of donks infested festivals.So don't waste your sugar for nothing.
Now about luck a post suitable is this which speaks the old moto:he who laughs last, laughs best. See u at the tables ,feel free to use your luck.

I have to say i am sorry for what happened, but i i have to admit i laughed with it also.
You will have more chances to advance in the leader board. Still plenty of time to go.
Better luck in next games of yours Smile

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