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Coming from the online arena onto the felt of live poker, one of the most drastic changes that you notice is the level of talking between players. Rarely does any hand pass without at least one of the players talking about something. I've heard everything from pocket deuces vs Ten-Jack suited, talk of the latest signings of the local soccer team, to rants about the idiot that cut them off on the [...]   Read more » The Art of Coffeehousing

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Coffeehousing - never heard that term before.

Online there are some things that do work on some people - needling after a hand, showing cards (bluffs), or just talking sh1t. It works on some people, but the majority ignore it.

Things like, 'you probably had the best hand there..' from the winning player would be more effective than 'haha donk'

What happens is that in live poker you can see your opponents can gather more information about the strength of their hands. Some poker players 'talk' a lot while playing live poker.
But also some players when they have trump cards or when they are bluffing, can stop talking, sit upright, looking down or looking away from you.

These indications can reveal the kind of hand your opponent has.

unlike online poker all this information is not available.

On the other side with Internet poker you can play much more often than in poker online, poker onlinne also can play multiple tables at once and that will not allow you to see your opponents.

In conclusion in live poker you can see your opponents and collect information and onlinne poker software you can use to gather information. Which is better?

When I first saw the title of this thread, I thought it had some thing to do with smokin' some fine weed at the various Coffee Shops in Amsterdam...! Or maybe something like going from shop to shop to shop trying all the tasty buds... Sort of like bar hopping, but bud hopping instead... Smile Thumbs Up

We need an emoticon of a little smiley blowin' a big fattie in a cloud of smoke... Big Smile<hak hak...

chat can always be a good trick, specially offline, live, where ingenuous players will go along with the talk and may miss some part of the action, falling on the trap. But that doesnt happen in every live action. The times i assisted some games here in Portugal everyone was really quiet and focused, but perhaps that's just a sign that the big change is still to happen around here, we are still not used to this type of action!

I think that live poker is always about concentration at the table. There are a great deal of distractions playing live and you must be able to adapt your level of concentration to play your game

Poker is about who's a better bluffer and luck also. You can win a table with no game on your hands. Like every lucky games, with just a bit of luck you can earn a good money...

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