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finally cracked that b1tch :D  0   
First time baby Big Smile I "only" needed around 200 shots Big Smile

Dollar Dollar Dollar Thanks BRM Heart

aye i saw that you had won Weenie,well done and i hope you now have enough points for a cash out,if not now then soon.

gl at the tables.

Cheers congratulations mate, as I said to every winner on the mob games, very good indeed and congratulations to you mate, hope you make good use of those points. Maybe invest in poker or some poker books hehe. Anyway cheers keep it up and may you get continued luck in the mob games and life in general!!

Congratulations pal! Good for you. I'm GOING to crack it one day.
I think I'm going to print your winning picture and just stare at it.
You know that whole visualization power of the mind stuff?
Maybe it'll work out.

Well good luck everyone! Aww crap!

Wow nice job! Hope to win it too!!! But I'm lucky too, I won the mobdraw, even better, 50,000 mobpoints!!! Third time I bought tickets for it! Dollar Dollar

Nice Pascal! You should save some of them to continue on the draw, could pay out.
Anyone have luck on the calendar? I can't tell you how many times I've clicked all 5 boxes to get nothing. I only won the very first time I played.

Well, good luck everyone! Aww crap!

Same with me! Nothing won yet still 1 box to go..., but is the draw profitable?

I don't really know, I've entered with 50 once and lost, 60 this time and we'll see.
I would imagine with 50,000 it maybe could be. I think it would depend on how many players enter and how many tickets they buy. Lotteries are dangerous I suppose.
Perhaps we should start a thread asking who all has one and how many times they've entered etc.

Good luck everyone! Aww crap!

gz ! at first i thought ur talking about something else... oh well Big Smile

im glad you won it, but at the same time im a bit sad because i didnt win it instead. Does that make me evil person? I like turtles mind you, so not sure how could i be considered a bad person though... (:

Winnie well done but I can not believe this. I won 50 shots at the safe at 23.00 or soon after went on flashfaust01 post on his winning to try and get a tip and pick'd up his advice.go and read his post and you will see i posted i was going to use the number 6 as my starting number. Witch I did.Read the rest and I can not believe what has happened. I have got no reason to make all this up. this is for bankrollmob flashfaust01 i can not believe this.I did what you sugested and went for my girl's birthday, like I stated in the post of the 6th so wrote down the codes I used 631,642,621,0nly did one more 686. It did not open so left it there.The next time I log in I see the safe was cracked.When I looked at the numbers to crack it I can not believe it. What is going on there,I have the numbers wrote still infront of me.It has proven to me it's a fiddle thats all I can say.I have email'd this site and told and told them I wont the codes I've used to prove my point.When they get back to me they will not have a leg to stand on.

Read more: Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Worship Worship Worship


I also cracked that bitch the day before you Smile

I tried 100 shots for this 621bitch, but I missed it.
I was wondering what was the right number, so thanks for letting me know.

Hi mate at first i want to say congrats with your winnings, Hope you will make more of it. and another thing. I hope i will crack the safe one day. Tried it many times without succes. Anyways succes at the tables Smile

WinnerYou won:
100 MobDraw tickets

The tickets have already been added to the next MobDraw, where you will now be able to win 5000 MobPoints ($50) in the next draw (Sunday at noon).

cheers congratulations mate it is always so good to win in the mob games, I won once in the mobsafe as I keep saying, anyway good luck in the games hope you have another big win soon, I am near my next 5k cashout, just need about 1000 points and a big win will help me get there. So good luck to everybody hope you win in the mob games and so do i. Cheer have fun at the tables and with the games!

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