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Lucky ace this doesnt make sense   -1   
ok so my bonus got rejected because somone there has an email like mine or somthing?!!!!!!! and thats why my bonus was rejected?!! thats the funniest s**t ive ever heard what bulls**t site he even told me i dont have any accounts on this computer , and i only have 1 computer lmao

gary sandor: cause im the only one using this computer
Richard: I can see that you are related to an other member by email
Richard: but I can not give you any information on an other members account
gary sandor: who?
Richard: but not by computer no
Richard: please see above
gary sandor: hmmm

very strange. did your mommy hack your email account to gamble behind your back? Question

just kidding! this simply makes no sense to me. i would try to talk to an supervisor or send an email asking for solutions. good luck!

PS: on second thought: maybe someone else had your email before you and registered to some 888 room in the past. (remember your happy smile when you found out [email protected] is available again Tongue ) try to register there with another email account? the support btw does not need to name you the other guy to offer you solutions. hope i make sense =/

Yeah, the 888 rooms really suck, always having troubles there. For the rpivate games is like you should submit your ... so that you can register ... what the heck is that system? Aww crap!

LOL, that could be why the rejected my id i looked like someone or shared the same first name , the only site to reject me ever! did you have an internet wedding!! related by email lol,Im glad they rejected my ID now (pacific,888) sounds they have an overcomplicated system, hat to see how long it would take to cash out, blood samples and a medical, 888 joke!

Posted by B1gfoot:
hat to see how long it would take to cash out

I deposited $400 to get $100 upfront bonus , then cashed out the money i deposited.
It took 12 days before i had my money on neteller

I'm angry, too. I got an email that my bonus was rejected because I have multiple accounts. That's NOT TRUE!

i know , thats what my email said to , that sites a joke and i know for a fact i didnt ever create more then 1 account there

Maybe you guys already have a playmoney/realmoney account at 888 or Pacific Poker (which is now the same site) ?

nah , i was talking to live support guy and he told me that , its not on the same computer or in the same name , just related by email and he cannot give anymore information

I contacted the online support of LuckyAcePoker and they approved me that I only have ONE account, so they don't understand why you write to me I can't get the 25$ bonus. you wrote I have multiple accounts and thats not true. LuckAcePoker attested this. So I want to have an answer, please. Thank you

hey they dont know how to do there job , this is the emai l ijsut got from them on [email protected] LOL there calling me chris bennet whover the fck that is

Dear Chris, Thank you for contacting 888. Hello, my name is Richard. Cassava Enterprises manage operational services for Pacific Poker. I am contacting you in regards to your Pacific Poker account with username "ROOKEY14". As this account is related to other accounts closed by our Department for security reasons, we had to temporarily suspend your membership. If you feel that this action is taken in error and would like to discuss this matter, please feel free to contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.If you require further assistance in this or any other matter, please feel free to contact us - we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Kind regards,Richard O. Member Support [email protected]*********************NOTE: Please do not disclose your password to any individual/organization claiming to represent or representing "". If you receive any e-mail or phone call from anyone requesting you to provide your password, please report it to us immediately. Our Member Support Department is available 24/7 to assist you via e-mail at [email protected]************************ Original Message Follows:------------------------* This is an automatic Email sent from the Pacific Poker and 888 Backgammon Software * The following member has requested his password: CID: 0 Brand : 1Full Name: chris bennettUser Name: ROOKEY14Email: chris_***** Number: 0121 240 5241Mailing Address: b76 9rj

i have no idea who the hell this is

this is part of the convo i had with them

gary sandor: my chat name is obviously not rookey14
gary sandor: and thats not my email
gary sandor: whci i got that from my email
Emma: One moment please...
Emma: ok I can only apologize for this mistake, it appears that the wrong username has been inserted into this email as 2 accounts were being closed at the same time.
gary sandor: ok well why was my bonus rejected then
gary sandor: since i only have 1 account
Emma: which bonus?
gary sandor: afflicate bonus was declined becasue u guys said i had 2 accounts
gary sandor: on te same computer
Emma: One moment please...
Emma: I can only advise you to contact the affiliate regarding this as you have not got any related accounts which should affect any bonuses. It appears that the affiliate have made a mistake as I have had another member with the same issue and they had no related accounts at all.
Emma: I understand your frustration but this mistake does like with the affiliate and not with us, however you can ask for a letter from our promotions team who will confirm that you have no related accounts which you can then send to the affiliate

ok bankrollmob made the mistake they said

admin: removed some of all the *'s that messed up the forum layout, and email addresses that doesn't belong here

Edited by Administrator (28 June 2008 @ 13:23 GMT)

they said the same to me

ya ur probably the other member she was talking about

"Emma: I can only advise you to contact the affiliate regarding this as you have not got any related accounts which should affect any bonuses. It appears that the affiliate have made a mistake as I have had another member with the same issue and they had no related accounts at all."

this is all too bad xpo3rkingx but it might be wise to remove Chris`s phone no. etc :}

ya i have no idea who chris is , lol they told me they sent the wrong email to the wrong email lol

i got the same as you guys waited nearly 3 weeks for bonus from PATHETIC poker only to get REJECTED and then 4 days later an e-mail of BRM saying its cos my id i uploaded may have had bits crossed out which it didnt my passport has been accepted by many other casino sites seems to me that PATHETIC POKER/888 have extreme security if its that up tight about giving bonus maybe they shouldnt be offering bonus at all Worship

yes seems so they have done this to alot of people ,the mob just made a mistake , should be sorted out

ye i had same prbs with titan they want to rekon i have played there under a different name same email which is a load of hobble wash, i am new to the poker scene and know 1 apart from my 6 year old son uses it lol.

You gotta contact our support on monday if you want to have a request processed again. I don't receive the lists that we get from the pokersites, so I can't say where the mistake was, but it's unlikely that you were rejected by mistake by us. It's more likely that the list we got from them, actually said something like "bonus not paid" or "multiple accounts" or something similar, so then we reject the bonus.

I contacted your Live support, so you have my informations Smile

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