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Party poker 3 in a row!  0   
I won 3 of the Party Poker freerolls in a row last week(wow!), but was scoffed at when I mentioned it, how can I prove it?

I believe you.... You are a very good player. I was at a table with you one night if you remember,... We were chatting...

I know that you won one of them anyhow,... I usually keep the lobby hanging around after I've gone out, so as to keep an eye on who won, and who did what.... You 2 guys know who you but if not. I'll hint...


and DikGro78....

Big Smile<lol...

Thanks Dawg!
I totally remember you, and have watched your progress on the leaderboard, well done!

3 in a row Hunter that's great going Worship
i've never seen anyone win 2 in a row at ftp so you must be a hell of a palyer.
Congrats and you must be doing well on the leaderboard,eh
gl at the tables.

Wow, that's pretty good. Never heard of that happening before...

I don't see you on the leaderboard; didn't you register for it? That would be a shame, because those wins alone would almost get you in the top 30, for an extra T$35...

Btw you could take a screen shot of the lobby next time, if you're concerned about not being believed.

Great result!

If somebody doesn't believe you,...

...tell 'em to believe THIS: 8======D

Big Smile

lol - well done Hunter.

3 In a row would give you at least 12 points and i dont see you on the leaderboard to friday 7th.
is that a brm mistake. Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused

well done

To win one of these tournaments is a big thing but to win three in a row is unheard of and you must have played really well. These tournaments will always need a bit of luck but you must be skilled as well.Congratulations to you again

Congratz on the winning streak my best day with these free rolls was 3 final tables in 1 day but never won a 1st place prize a 2nd place was my best finish i think i boinked 15 tables in this 1 month affair with Party Poker another great promotion from Bank Roll Mob and Party Poker Big Smile Big Smile Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Wow wining one tournament is hard in itself but winning three in a row is just a great feat, and I will have to congratulate you on this one. Ok here I go!! Congratulations mate for the three win in a row, maybe you can go for the 4th one. Good luck do you study how to play in late phase tournament or you are just naturally gifted?

Anyway have fun at the tables and keep crushing the party poker freerolls!! Cheers!

Earlier last month I came 2nd followed by 7th, so when I won a couple days later, I was just hoping to beat 7th in the next(for a new nest 2 combo), so when I won I was elated, I wondered if 2 in a row had been done. They were the last 2 of the day, so when I won the first of the next day, Wow, to say the least! BTW, didn't cash in the fourth.
As to the leaderboard, this is an ongoing issue, as I was registered under "Hunter Tahu", my correct screen name, and yet never showed up on the board. My emails met confusion, and I was told that I didn't have enough points. When I corrected this, saying I was well above the points at 200th, they informed me that the min. had of course grown since the update, so this was why I didn't show. ????I informed them once again that I was not only above 200th, but well into the top 30! This is still being dealt with! Aww crap!
Wish me luck with the issue, and thanks for all the support!
Good luck in this coming board all! Tahu

wow 3 freeroll wins in a row... thats like 38 MTTs won in a row Big Smile

not sure how hard are those pp freerolls but as any freeroll im sure some of its parts are a reall hell to go through lol so it really is something special to win 3 freerolls in a row :o

hope they fix your points issue and you go back to top 30 Tongue

Just FYI,
looked up tournament history at PP, my wins were the last 2 on the 27th (2:30, 4:30 est), and the first (6:30am) on the 28th. they were for $4, $4.01 and $4.37 resp.

A quick update:
I am on the leaderboard! Still looks a bit shy, but no worries, $5 diff. at most.
TY huge for figuring this out BRM!! Worship Worship Worship
Hunter Tahu

Congrats on youre winnings.
Youre satisfied with end result ???

Yes, Op, totally!!! I am happy that all was straightened out, and even happier with the winnings, lol!
Do you believe me about the 3 in a row Opa? It was after all, you who I refered to in the initial post! Smile

Ps Congrats on your outstanding performance as well Opaollie!! Worship Thumbs Up

Hey Hunter,...are you the guy I was chatting with who said they lived in Kitchener,...or Toronto...?

I remember chatting with someone in those BrM freerolls where I was saying I lived a 5 iron shot from the #3 green on the Rockway Golf Course in Kitchener...

We'd sit up in my backyard,...and after the players shot their balls from the tee (par 3) WE would shoot about a dozen balls or so across the street over to the green and watch the antics when they got up to the green and saw balls all over the f'ing place... Evil Big Smile< heheeeeeee.....

Maybe that was ArithMagik...

Ya, that was me. You were telling me about a favorite course, was it Elmira?
Hey, nice job on the PP leaderboard BTW!

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