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has any requested this bonus from brm, I just saw this today so I requested this , and will give the site a try. I was just looking at their tourneys and it looks the only people playing are the free rollers. so I guess i'll just see how it goes.

well if anybody is interested , the freerolls are easy pickings , I just played my ffirst one and had no problems getting into the money.I ended getting booted ,I had AK and a player went allin , I called ,he had 10-10 and they held up. but all in all looks like an easy site to make money in freeroll. I'll play more freerolls and after I build a bankroll then I'll see what is required to cash out.

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Sounds like a good deal, always smaller and new poker sites are much better to start up a bankroll from scratch compared to big poker sites...

What about poker traffic on cash game, how many players they have at the tables in average all the time? Over 1k players?

its a good room,they just can't get a buy in tourney going,but easy money,I cashed out 3 times,and no problems,still playing with 5$ ndb I got from brm,I have been able to maintain my bankroll,easily. Big Smile Big Smile

Yes, it is a nice room. The software is good, but the traffic is bad. Last time when I played there were only 10 players on the micro limits. But the good thing is that you can play only with mobsters! Because at my table there were only mobsters, most of them from UK.

First I had luck and I doubled my bankroll reaching $10, but soon after that I lost everything! No bankroll there right now! Anyway, try that poker room. I hope you will like the room, plus you will have $5 no deposit bonus.

Good luck!

Because of the very bad traffic for tournaments and sitngo there, I only requested the bonus just for the mobpoints you get when it's approved then I removed the software once I received my mobpoints... if you don't love cash games then Duck Poker is not a site for you to play.

Yeah if you want tournaments and a lot of actions better stick to pokerstars and full tilt and some ipoker skins, because they have most liquidity so can offer more guaranteed or better promotions in terms of tournaments. Or you could just build a roll there and play cash games then withdraw back to your pokerstars account.

Cheers good luck guys!

Nice name for a poker room Big Smile And i think i try it there, i wish the new poker rooms good luck and hope one of them growth to a big poker room in the online poker business. Ok, in the starting time the traffic was verry low, but it is nice to see a new software.

i had bad experience with this site, i was playing and won the first tournament that i played, and then started the problems, i was disconnected 3 times on the middle of the game while i was playing 3-4 tournaments,they dind not refunded the money and i lost all of my bankroll. sad but true Big Smile


I sat down at a six player sit and go double up, waited for about 2 hours, (was playing at stars while waiting) we managed to get up to 4 players then , then after about another 1/2 hour players started to leave untill there was only me, so I left too. Looks like its going ti be hard to make any money cause nobody is playing except for the freerolls. but I'll keep trying. Thumbs Up

I finally managed to play a little bit of poker here, played .02/.04 no limit. wasn't to bad left the table with a $2.80 profit, would stay and play more but it's time for me to go get my needle. I'll try again this afternoon. too bad theres no tourneys to play. Aww crap!

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I finally got to play a couple of sit n go's here, played a couple of small heads up and played a couple of 6 player, although the 6 player took a while to fill up. my bank roll now sits at $12.93, keep trying.



My name is Andrew and like you all i tried Duck Poker. I've been grinding mtt's since 2006 on Full Tilt Stars and 888.

Every time a new software comes out i give it a go! so when i heard of duck i made an account and put $20 on to carve up the fresh meat at the cash games. In no time i found myself dominating donks at the NL10 cash games and had a comfortable roll of $235 from my original deposit in only 3 days. Then i began to notice something incredible! Along with me, there seemed to be only one other regular player at the site with screen name 'realbucks'.

Every time i logged on to the site (usually just had a HU table on while mtt grinding) 'realbucks seemed to be online sitting at the NL10 and NL50 tables with a minstack. Action only really heated up for 22 or 3 hours a day so when it was on it was on... however i never saw realbucks lose a hand... it was incredible, he would call 3bets with J3o and flop trip 3s, he would have aces when some else had kings, he would make a straight flush vs opponents nut flush and he would always hit set over set in up to 4 bet pots (particulatly against one somewhat regular player known as hdtdk).
Noticing this i was alarmed at his play which was completely unbelievable..

so..... i emailed duck asking for a player hand history.... and they declined.... so i emailed duck requesting a player hand history for me (playing as thefishtank0 [you may have seem me there alot]) vs 'realbucks' in HU pots... Duck then responded saying 'they had a server malfunction aand could not retrieve the requested information. This is when i became incredibly suspicious but accepted that poker is a high variance game and this guy is surely a luckpot.

Last night i logged in to find a very deepstacked 25/50c game with 3 players sitting with $110+, i sat at the table with a fresh stack of $100 and began the grind! Within the first 10 minutes i found myself in the green vs the deepstacked pay off wizards on the table sitting wwith $160 approx.

then... something incredible happened and i will also illustrate the math of these hands as i replay them

Hand 1:
UTG raise w/ AJs flop is JQJ, i get it all in with realbucks who holds Q2s and the river comes the unfortunately Queen to sweep him the $100 pot. obv drawing to 2 outs, pretty standard and unlucky.

Hand 2:
button opens i squeeze ith 97s wwith realbucks cold calling in the big blind button folds.
I flopped the stone cold nutson a 568 rainbow board and found myself getting it all in against 'realbucks holding A8o" only to find the board running out to give him quad 8s sweeping him another $130 pot.

Hand 3:
I am dealt Aces in the small blind and yet again squeeze a button open and cold called by 'realbucks' with the flop of AJ6rainbow. Surprisingly to my delight realbucks shuvd on my cbet holding 24 off and the board ran out to give him a wheel.

Hand 4:
Play is now short handed and a limp pot leaves me checking my 92 in the small blind. Again, to my delight the flop comes 722 as i check the vurtual nuts... to my surprise 'realbucks' shuvs $65 into $1.80 onn the button and i find myself snapping an obvious top pair. With cards on their back and realbucks showing A7o and just as predicted rivering the case 7 as the 3rd player admitted to folding it.

Hand 5:
Incredibly tilted and my bankroll shrivelling i open 8s on the button and 4bet jamming on realbuck's 3bet to get snapped. with the flop coming 229 and realbucks only holding A5o it was always 'destiny' that the running 34 would be dealt and surely enough it continues ssweeping him yet another $90 pot.

Hand 6:
Open 7s in the small blind, see a flop of 397 rainbow and aggressively shuv'd $60 into the $5 pot.
Wth the snap call ffrom realbucks and the almost certain double up as he only held KTs for king high.... the board ran out JQ of hearts to give him a whopping straight flush.

Hand 7:
For my 7th and final hand on the site i flopped a set of 3s on 239 board, got it all in against realbucks A2 to find running aces.

Realbucks runs -EV on almost eevery hand and miracles DONT exist. Before anyone replies claiming that this is 'variance' please consider that the definition of variance is when there is a minority to a majority, not the other way round.

Perhaps if you don't consider what i have posted to be true email [email protected] and request a hand history vs playeer ID 'realbucks' in HU pots once you've sat him as it is a requirement for all licensed gaming sites to store this information and make it aavailable the the entitled users.


PLEASE! don't play on this sitee! If ANYONE would like any further information on what has happened or would likee the dealer messages as proof for these hands i have them all saved and stored on my computer, i will be making a warning thread on pockeet 5s and 2p2 for this.

If you need any further information please contac me on [email protected] and if you see played ID "realbucks' on Duck Poker rather observe the game than join it, i assure you it will only prove my post to be true.

And before someone also suggest he's just a good player or everyone on that site is a ddonk (although that may be true which is why my BR 11x in 3 days) realbucks truly is a fish. His Pre and Post play consistantly -EV and i assure you he is not a complex thinker or a mathematical player in the slightest.

OMG, If all that is true, and he is not mathematical player or a thinker, maybe he is Teh Owner.

There hasn't been a time where i've logged in and he has either already been sitting at a table or is at an active table within 5 minutes of action.

Im from Aus, and i've played at all different hours of the day, no matter what time of the day he's there straight away.



The above attached image is the Hand History for the table where the deepstacked session took place last night.

Notice that several hands are missing even though i was active at the table the entire time and the hands are sorted in numerical order.

Of the hands listen above listed, hands 2,3,4,6 and 7 are nowhere to be found in the hand history.

If there is a bankroll mob admin reading this post i highly reccomend you check out this information yourself and get this scamming site off a web page ass respected as BRM.

In the above attached image please note that hands have been deleted from the history even though i was seated and active at the table the entire time. Even folded hands preflop are shown but but the substantial pots.

I decided to go back on Duck just to get a little more proof and saw a huge pot on the 25/50c tables aagain with 2 players all in preflop holding AJ and realbucks calling a huge $19 with 9Toff and Flopping the nut straight.

so... i had $5 left in my account from last night and decided to sit the 5/10c table realbucks was at and wait for the nuts. surely enough 3rd hand in and after realbucks' 3rd consecutive suckout i was dealt aces.

here is the dealer chat from the hand

Game started at: 2014/3/15 21:22:42
Game ID: 654950 0.05/0.10 Bilberry (Hold'em)
Seat 6 is the button
Seat 1: thefishtank0 (4.54).
Seat 3: Djibril (0.90).
Seat 4: realbucks (28.14).
Seat 5: McTrem (5.15).
Seat 6: papryk78 (1.37).
Player thefishtank0 has small blind (0.05)
Player Djibril has big blind (0.10)
Player thefishtank0 received card: Ace of spades
Player thefishtank0 received card: Ace of diamonds
Player Djibril received a card.
Player Djibril received a card.
Player realbucks received a card.
Player realbucks received a card.
Player McTrem received a card.
Player McTrem received a card.
Player papryk78 received a card.
Player papryk78 received a card.
Player realbucks allin (28.14)
Player McTrem folds
Player papryk78 allin (1.37)
Player thefishtank0 allin (4.49)
Player Djibril folds
Uncalled bet (23.60) returned to realbucks
*** FLOP ***: [10h 6s 8d]
*** TURN ***: [10h 6s 8d] 7 of diamonds
*** RIVER ***: [10h 6s 8d 7d] King of diamonds
------ Summary ------
Pot: 10.09. Rake 0.46
Board: [10h 6s 8d 7d Kd]
Player thefishtank0 shows: One pair of As [As Ad]. Bets: 4.54. Collects: 0. Loses: 4.54.
Player Djibril does not show cards.Bets: 0.10. Collects: 0. Loses: 0.10.
*Player realbucks shows: Straight to 10 [9c Ah]. Bets: 4.54. Collects: 10.09. Wins: 5.55.
Player McTrem does not show cards.Bets: 0. Collects: 0. Wins: 0.
Player papryk78 shows: Two pairs. Ks and 8s [8c Kc]. Bets: 1.37. Collects: 0. Loses: 1.37.
Game ended at: 2014/3/15 21:23:6

enough proof?

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Attached ImagesScreenshot (2).png

I understand what your trying to say here, but I'm just playing with some free money i received from BRM, although if all this is true then it is not duckpoker ripping people off, it is the main site doing see duck is not a site of it's own, it is a poker skin.(a main site is developed then they sell skins, that look like the main site but have their own name), a poker skin has no control of the software, they can't even create their own freerolls, they have to send it to the main site and they set it up for them.This used to be the everleaf poker network, but I don't know if it still is , they used to have between 30-50. skins. but I hear some have shut down like poker4ever. So your problem isn't with duck, it would be with the network itself, and their other skins would be having the same problem.

Andrew, you are right about all that, mate. I played yesterday with that player. I had $8 and he won every hand with ridiculos cards. He robbed all of the players of the table. He beated cards like AA, KK, he went all in preflop with 73 and won of course. This guy seems to be working for the owners of the site. I think he is able to see the cards of the other players. This very strange!

maybe I'll look for that name and take a look. be interesting to see how true this is.

Posted by Peter7878:
Andrew, you are right about all that, mate. I played yesterday with that player. I had $8 and he won every hand with ridiculos cards. He robbed all of the players of the table. He beated cards like AA, KK, he went all in preflop with 73 and won of course. This guy seems to be working for the owners of the site. I think he is able to see the cards of the other players. This very strange!

wouldnt being able to see cards from other players make him NOT go all in with 73 vs AA/KK though? D: but if some stuff i read here is true, thats not cool :/

I have played him a lot even hu,and hes has lost to me and I lost to him,I have even asked him,not to play my table,jokenly and watched this guy losse a lot too,it is a bit strange,that he is there most of the time,and I will say,he plays a lot of hands almost every hand,and try to bluff and gets caught,too me he a player I may avoid,but I have cashed out several times,from duck,with my biggest cash out being $200 and I have always been paid right and on time.Duck poker to me is a cash machine,to me any way,and as long as they pay they why not play,just avoid this guy,don't play at the table he's on.I have seen a lot of questionable play,there.Most people just don't care.
Maxiel is another player,he gos all in every hand,no matter what his stack is,does that mean he works for duck poker too? I hope I get his name right,any way,he gets lucky,but losses a lot too. So you tell me,who the bad guys are Smile

his lost post seem to be minuscule to his won pots, has anyone seen him lose at showdown?

If i can get a hand history from Duck (which tthey constantly decline) i'll plot his winrate on PT to see how much he deviates over mean.

I took the liberty of plotting 100 hands from the session i played (that weren't deleted from the hand history) at the 25/50 game i played with him and his win rate is already deviationg above mean.

For those of you who don't understand what this means;
Players like Odd_Odddsen, Internet, Brick_T63, Whitelime, Yurasov1990, OmgClayAiken are all players who have reported winning up to 4 deviations above mean in cash PLO games (internet did it in NLH).Winning 4 deviations above mean in PLO itself is the equivalent to odd's of 1/1,000,000 for the respected game.This is an incredible occurrence and has happened only to the most skilled complex thinkers in the world, these players are all mathematical geniuses. You should also note that NLH variance is practically non existent compared to PLO variance, making this more of a mathematical mystery.

If i can get a sample size of 2000 hands from Duck for the player (he has undoubtedly cleared this many hands by now) i predict his results to deviate over 6x mean based on the results from the 100 hands used.

If anyone wants to help me bring these cheating assholes down please help me in nagging Duck support for the information required to make the necessary equations.

thx for the info i will steer clear

Also i wondered if anyone has cashed out as yet without difficulties

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