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$10 freerolls   0   
There are $10 freerolls running about every 10 min. @ PP right now!! I don't know how the pros manage so many tables at once!!
I can't play 5 worth carp, and if I play 2, one will certainly suffer!
Anyhow, try em out. I am not sure about the prise dispersion, as it does not show in lobby, but about 1000pl per.
GL Tahu

I played one of these earlier, while also playing the socialmediafreeroll and saw it was top 24 out of a field of about 700 so didn't play for long, but went on and won a $10 ticket in my other game so not a bad evening really!

CRAZY...!!! What a 'schmorgasboard' of freerolls...! I had 3 of my regular games going, THIS on my plate...!?!?!

It's very distracting because I'm KILLING it in my regs,...PLUS had 4 of those freerolls going all at once...!

Don't want to waste those though...! Good opportunity to build up some cash...!!!! Dollar Dollar Dollar Thumbs Up

Hey Hunter or anyone,.... Got any idea how these things pay out...?

What's the prize structure and amounts for the $ or T$ games...?

Top 10,...Top 20,...Top 30 pays out...?

I'd hate to sit there playing for 3 hours for TWO CENTS... Confused Big Smile

I'm RICH....!!!!! Finished in 20th in one of them for a Whopping TWENTY FIVE Centavos... Shock

Malibu, California, I come...! Cool

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The people who multi table have my upmost respect because i can only play one table at a time.If i play two tables i can guarantee that one table will suffer because my concentration levels are not very high.Good luck to all

OMG, no time to type!

Congrats Demo, I finally scored my 25c!
There are 5 going off from 12pm est to 12:40, Lets see who can cash the most! With 4 or more games going, I have a real problem with button overlap, and no time for small ball, so I was just shoving A 10 or better early, and tightening my range as the field lessened, and sitters died. I might try to tighten my range a bit, but when your in 4 freerolls, it is easy to give one or 2 up early! They do allow late reg for 30min., this might help avoid getting pulled into the early rush to die.
GL all, and post your results for these 5 here! Tahu

There's the starting gun!

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It's NUTzzzzz...!!! Big Smile

I got games on Full Tilt, PokerStars,....AND several on Party going all at the same time....PLUS all these freerolls....

I play my regs normally,...but these freerolls I just keep shoving until I have about 20,000 chips,...THEN play normally. Only play the T$, and $ games,....none for tickets! Waste of time playing for 2 hours for a .25c ticket... Smile Thumbs Up

So far I've won .25c,...and T$0.25...... Thumbs Up Dollar

still in the 12pm, 30pl left, and the 12:40, 78pl left. And 3 other recent starts! Gotta go, GL! Tongue

I havn't been playing, too many players for the amount you can win. just takes to long to try and win .25. I just joined one now because i'm bored from sitting around the apt for so long with nothing to do.maybe I'll give one or two a shot and just play the allin game .LOL Thumbs Up

If there are 10 dollars freerolls and on average there are 1000 registrants they are not very profitable to play them...

Still for those that like to grind and are good at multitabeling it's fun to play them. Good luck to all mobsters that play them!

Got myself .20 in one of these freerolls, had around 25k in chips but had to leave to go to the doc,s when i got home i checked and i made it to the money by 1 place. I'll try not to use it all at one time LOL Worship

I'm playing one of these freerolls for a ticket ,only 16 players left out of 1020 Worship

just got me a .50 cent tourney ticket Worship Worship Worship

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Ya gotta go for the trifecta there now crash...!

I pulled it off myself tonight.... A trifecta being a win of each type!

$, T$, and a ticket:

So far I've won:



.20c Ticket

KaCHING....Trifecta....! Big Smile Thumbs Up Dollar Dollar Dollar

I just turn them tourneys into a: demodawggy's $10 All In Shootout Bingo Fest Big Smile< heheeeee....

Not much sense in spending all that time frantically trying to play 8 or 10 games all at once, ruining the games that REALLY count.... Smile

Quite low value, but there is a LOT of them.
So they are worth playing.

well turns out these freerolls are good to play if you play the late ones (my time) I just won me a whole $1.00 . so far i,ve won $1.50 and i only play the late ones, a lot less players. Thumbs Up Worship Worship

Yep,...not bad,...but frantic if you have lots going at the same time...!

I've raked in $1.75 real cash,... 40c in T$,...and a .20c ticket so far....! Dollar

Makes me feel like a fat lady at a buffet.... No plate or silverware,...Just jammin' EVERYTHING in sight down yer throat...!

Shock< Gulp....

Big Smile < Hic...

Blink < Fart... Confused

yea just got another $1.00 but time to hit the bed got doc appointment in the morning.

good nite all lol Worship Worship Worship

Cool.... Hope things go well with the doc...! Nighty night... Thumbs Up

I got 2 on the go now... Currently in 6th and 21st place, in the money, BOTH big stacked....Goin' Deep...!

These things are ADDICTIVE.... Smile Thumbs Up

hey demo, do you ever sleep, Big Smile last nite when i stopped playing i saw you were still playing, and when i log in during the day you are playing. Big Smile oh yea and party poker finally let us be friends. Thumbs Up it's funny we play the same games but i never see you at the tables,mean while theres players that i see all the time, and one guy he,s been at my first table 3 times.oh well maybe sometime. Smile good luck to you demo, keep the cards hot. Worship

just relax and play and try to fit the games to the screen

Sounds verry nice, this kind of freerolls was offered in the last month´s at some ongame network rooms. And now at pp, verry good to rebuild a little bankroll there and to try in some extra bucks. Gl all mobsters at the tables there!

I have played like 5 of them and finished first in one of them for 1$.
Not bad.

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