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CasinoExtra: Get 30 Freespins on At The Copa for free!

It's a true pleasure to announce that our latest casino partner - CasinoExtra - will offer all eligible members of BankrollMob 30 freespins on the fantastic slotmachine At The Copa for free. CasinoExtra is one of the most interesting new online casinos to hit the market. With a combination of four different games providers CasinoExtra has manage to create a games portfolio that suits all player[...]   Read more » CasinoExtra: Get 30 Freespins on At The Copa for free!

CasinoExtra: Get 30 Freespins on At The Copa for free!  0   
Has any of the mobsters ever won big on these sort of sites? I have never played on them and i would really like to read some feedback on these sort of sites before deciding to join

only 5 win lines at $0.01 per line.....

dam i hate when casinos do that, give you free spins with 'retarded' win lines. i got those a few times from betway, because i used to have acc there for sports betting... every once in a while they would send me 20 or so free spins with like ... 5/30 lines enabled. it just made me feel like sht lol

There are some mobsters who already wrote about the winnings they have got on casinos and although I have never withdraw any money from any online casino I once was able to do it at Wild Casino. I just didn't because I was having that feeling of being able to get even more. Well, that didn't happen but therefore I believe it's possible.

You could just register and play for fun with free money though you right cheap lines are pretty much useless and a waste of time. We all know casinos have an edge so it is safer to stay away from it. Whereas poker or sports betting you can have an edge, poker if you playing against other players and need to beat rake and sports betting have so much opportunities and you can choose the one you have an edge on!

Registered, won 30 cents from free spins, blew it off within one spin Big Smile definitely not worth registering there, there are much better no deposit options.

lol 30 cents. thats what i was talking when i said 'retarded' free spins... 30 free spins and you win 30 cents... and for all i know i might not be that lucky and end up with 10c or so :=)

i suppose i could reg for mobpoints though, not even gonna bother with those free spins Big Smile

I think you dont earn points on casino or bingo bonuses Sad

dam, that means im not gonna bother with it at all, thx atm Tongue

btw @Fakiry

yes, ofc its possible to win on casino games, or else nobody would play slots... but then again its also possible to win playing a lottery but you wont see me buying tickets though Smile

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i think the problem is that the no deposit bonus at the casino sites are only to see if you like make if your lucky a dollar so you can play 5 minutes more but that dollar is lost before you know...not helping me to make me posit more Blink maybe its my play but at all the sites i see the same

In the end only the casino makes profit (not the players in their entirety).
And the more people come to their casino (even if they give them a little bit free money) and they will like it and continue playing there, the more money will the casino make.

BankrollMob Forum » News » CasinoExtra: Get 30 Freespins on At The Copa for free!

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