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Congratulations bowie. When first time I read terms for Mob draw I instantly mentioned this line which says that if you win you are still in for other one or two prize(s) left (if you had enough tickets of course).I asked myself if I was lucky enough to win one time I wouldn't expect the thunder to hit at same place twice. But I suppose all kind of matters is possible when we are talking about draws or luck in general. Spend them wisely and for God sake don't buy huge amount of tickets(2200 or 3333)in order for rest of us to have a chance to win.
P.S. And one more person won two times in three draws in March, separately, and no one cared .

Thanks guys the warm words.
Dont need to congratulate, it was pure luck - I said this above.

I wont buy ticks no more, so plenty chances will remain for all of you - I'll only enter the draw if I got ticks through the calendar (btw the other person who won points last week won entry through the calendar too - I dont know if he bought additional ticks though).

My points will remain on the site until maybe the mid of may, I think I'll collect some more then cash out just in time for the soccer world cup (I would place bets on it anyway, but this way I didnt need to risk any of my cash that I earned elsewhere).
I dont think I'll spend any of it on p.oker though. Maybe next year. Blink

I can't believe that it took a full 2 days 19 hours and 2 minutes before...
nobody has still mentioned the name of another winner...
the one who courageously issued a challenge to a mighty bowie1984,
took away his possible third winning and placed it to his pockets
(instead of 100 MobDraw tickets)
Big Smile

Haha, good one. Worship BTW congrats for you too.
I dont think the third one would went for me anyway (heck I didnt expect the second one either- I knew I got great chance to one - ONLY ONE - and that was good enough for me).
Somebody mentioned a few weeks back that he only won when he bought three thousand ticks so my initial idea was based on that, and admins convincing replies about how the system works. It worked for me this time too.
But now I feel we overanalyzed the situation entirely, and Im pretty sure I wasnt the first one who have gotten lucky twice within the same draw, but it seems I became the one who provided this much of a colorful context to this whole shebang.
We will forget about this anyway in next week.

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BankrollMob Forum » Mob Games » 1 person wins twice in the mob draw

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