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Hey all,

I I can't sign in on either my desktop or laptop. Bugger is I need to register still and I'm goin to be late, have some work to finish. If they stay down til start time will it be rescheduled? Bugger is, if service returns before then I won't be able to register until after it starts, does it accept late registration?

Thanks for the help.

I had some trouble as well, but after a few tries got in again...

I hope all will be well when it starts...

B.t.w. late registration until end of level 6 (i.e. 1 hour).

Late registration to level six.Hope you will be able to get in. Good luck. Sad Sad Sad

the software is a litle slow today have to wait about 3 to 5 min to get in i think its because of the freerolls that are running all day i see now 28.640 players online early on the day i saw even more then 30.000 players online Big Smile

good luck whit logging in to the lobby and good luck in the tournament .....and please fold my BB Big Smile

Now that would really be sick not to be able for the mobsters to play the freeroll due to the poker software problems...

Lets hope that all mobsters will be able to register and play this freeroll after the hard work to be eligible.

I can't log in Angry Disagree Aww crap!

I also started playing $5000 and $30000 freerolls (Tickets) and after 10 mins lost connection and still can't login. Probably no refund for this Sad

I dont know how this will end or can end, but rescheduling it would be a good option in my
opinion. Since there are many that have problems and from different countries, its clearly their
problem. And the ones lucky enough to stay connected eating the chips of all the rest Smile
Not fair.

I can't log in too. I'm trying for 25 minutes and nothing happens.
Rescheduling? this would be great.

still down

no way this is very sick such hard work .

Hope the problrm will be solved until the start of our freeroll

If not rescheduling will be the best but that´for administrator to sort it out Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I try log in in browser and the same problem is.
Rescheduling is neccesary!

I'm in at the last second

We'll ask Party Poker monday and see what happened.

it´s rolling just fine for now

Did you ever get in Arithmajik man...?

That PP software is TOTALLY horrible...!!! Aside from the many glitches,...the f'ing thing keeps crashing on me, and disappearing...! Happened 4 or 5 times yesterday,...and 2 or 3 times today...!

It's extremely angering because I scroll through the lists of tourneys to pick out the ones I'm going to play,...but when I do,...the scroller just keeps on scrolling when you let off.... THEN you gotta scroll back up and try again,...and again,...and again,...and again...

Takes 20 minutes to do a normally 4 or 5 minute job...!!! Then when it crashes,...and you got 6 or 8 games going on 3 different sites, have to log back in and start scrolling again...!!!

The damned thing crashed on me RIGHT in the middle of a killer hand for me in the BrM Top 200 today,...and by the time I got back...the hand was gone... Thumbs Down Angry

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