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Look what I found at my table! Two people from the same country Portugal and they have the same avatar. What do you think? Is this one player with two accounts or just a simple coincidence Question Confused

If it is not a coincidence and one player he is very stupid. Confused Confused Confused

It COULD very well be the same player.... but I've seen that before where 2 players at the same table, but from different countries, have an identical, and really ODD one of a kind pic...!

I've also seen where the SAME player, with slightly different names have pics of the VERY same person, but dressed differently and in different backgrounds... Confused

Crafty idiot (not you),....THAT was proveable to PokerStars...! ...and later they were removed... Thumbs Down

It's not an uncommon symbol, I have it on a tee-shirt, but it being the very same design in both cases makes it suspicious.

I'd report it and let support sort it out.

To me it is strange. I am a old man so I dont know much about symbols, but after looking it up, it could be related to some sort of religion, therefore plausible that two different persons may have it. That said if they are both different persons from Portugal, the chances that one of them is not Catholic is strange.

As Zerostar has said report it and let them deal with it.

GL to you all.

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This is not a regular occurance but i have seen it a couple of times before and i think that it is just pure coincidence. You get a standard list of avatars to pick from unless you upload your own so the chances are that there will be more than one of you with the same one

this is normal in these freerolls. I like it too became a freeroll, which originally only CZ / SK and then at the table we saw these assholes. They play on one account and when dislodged, log on to the second and that's what they do all the time. I is reported to support.

This is how it looked: D

Attached ImagesMulti nick.JPG Mutli Nick 4.JPG

It may be a coincidence. But what most surprises me is the use of those characters at their nicknames. I am used to see those only in players from eastern countries, maybe that's a strategy for opponents to be more affraid f them.

Hi guys,

I made a report. This is the PokerStars email:


Hello Peter,

Thank you for your concern.

PokerStars' policy on players with duplicate accounts is very straightforward. Players are permitted one account only at PokerStars. We believe that players who access more than one account compromise the integrity of our games.

Please rest assured that we will examine these accounts and take proper action according to our Terms of Service, available for review at the following link:

It is our policy not to comment to third parties about the accounts of other users due to privacy reasons, but we welcome reports such as these. They help us maintain our high standards for game integrity.

Thank you for your report, and thank you for choosing PokerStars!


PokerStars Support Team


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