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Hi there mobsters!
I got a new smartphone with enough memory and a good Rom and Ram and all those nice technologies inside that allows me to do a lot of stuff and I am decided to give it a try and play some poker on it. Which room do you think I should install and why? Thanks in advance and good luck at the tables!

Pokerstars and 888 are the only rooms that I find decent to play with on a phone or tablet. Stars would probably be the better option.

Definitely Stars, easiest to use via mobile app in my opinion and probably fastest software too

I would also opt for Pokerstars and 888 poker...

I think yesterday i also got an message from full tilt poker aying that they updated their mobile poker app and i should try it out, they said rush games are also available on this new mobile app.
So you could check that out too Blink

I played on my mobile phone too, but I g ot on tilt very soon, so watch out for playing with real money on your smartphone. You can try freerolls or play money first.

You can always play poker better when you are sitting comfortable and watch to a hq,screen etc.

I've pretty much tried them all and in my opinion Stars is miles ahead of the others. I'm not saying Stars is my favorite site just that their mobile software is better than the rest.

All the best poker rooms and the big one have software to play on the mobile/smart phone that is. My advice would be to download software from poker stars and full tilt as they are the bes troom and you will get traffic more easily on the smart phone rather than on other networks.

Though playing with smartphone you will not be able to use software so it can sucks if you are used to playing with a hud and the hands does not show, and you have to send it to your email to get a history of the hands.

For me I play on my smart phone for fun, the odd sng there and here when at lunch from work and so on. Anyway hope I was helpful!


Pokerstars mobile client is the best one for me,
miles ahead from PartyPoker client (only cash/fast forward games there).

888 poker software isn't bad but requires more internet traffic.

So, my list of the poker mobile software preferences:

1) Pokerstars(much better for me)
2) 888

On PC i usually play at Pokerstars and PartyPoker,
and very seldom at 888 or Full Tilt poker.

I didn't install the Full Tilt software on my phone.


I knew Stars would have a decent software which a lot of users would like, but Stars also have the most difficult fields of the planet at any level of gaming. Sometimes i manage to finish a session winning something, no matter if high or low, but most of the times i end my game there with a feeling that i could have done better if i was playing elsewhere. But the mobile software is not intended to do big long sessions, so it keeps a good possibility. On the other side, 888 also pleases me, as they are parto f my poker history – the first prize i’ve got from an online poker room was from them! They desserve my esteem and consideration. My experience tells me i prefer to play there rather than Stars, so if you say their mobile software i salso nice, i may give it a try there first! Thanks for your opinion guys! If someone have something else to say about this feel free to write, i will keep my attention to this forum!

Not sure about other but from experience i can tell that on mibile i was always on profit, i guess when you play on mobile you are bored and most of the times you are 100% percent focused on the poker game.

Another reason might be that not too many experienced poker player go mobile and play and the competition is lighter than usual.

probably stars (:

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