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Hello Mobsters,

Did you see the new version of the PokerStars client Question Confused I found it awful! It is so confusing and complicated. I can't find anything. I don't like that new PokerStars image with all these white colours and tons of news and messages.

I wrote them an email saying that I want the previous version. If I don't get it, I will stop playing there. Simply I don't like that new look. It seems I am playing at Duck Poker. Ohhh sorry, Duck Poker looks much better now! Even Mira Poker looks much better now than PokerStars!

What do you think? Anyone who likes the new look of PokerStars software?

Best Regards,


Edited by Peter7878 (26 March 2014 @ 23:40 GMT)

Do you mean the lobby? I am still using the classic view, works for me.

Mmmmmmmmm.... When I saw your post,...I logged off,...then logged back in,...but there is no change...! Just the same old same old...!

I guess I could change it up,...but I prefer the plain basic view. Seems to me there was an update the other day,...but it changed nothing for me...! Smile Thumbs Up

Aye,i'm the same as demo and mahdrof,no change there.
Maybe as demo says it's the update and you've got a different view.

It loke like you have a special version no change for me. Confused Confused Confused Confused

Posted by mahdrof:
Do you mean the lobby? I am still using the classic view, works for me.

Yes, I mean the lobby! This is PokerStars 7 This is how it looks:

I found in the settings: "Return to PokerStars 6" but it is not working! Sad I tried to return to PokerStars 6 but I get this message:

I logged out and then logged in but still I have the new version. Sad This is crazy!

This is how tournament loby looks like:

This is how a table looks like:

Aww crap!

Edited by Peter7878 (27 March 2014 @ 01:07 GMT)

So, after seeing this thread I started up my client and I didnt played there since early february so obviously it wanted to update itself. Update happened, yet everything seems the same as always. Nothing of these 'atrocities' that happened to Peters client happened to mine, so all Im saying it maybe the lobby style change could help.
I have three style listed (Classic, Black, Europa). I think Im using Black.
But I dont know how could you update to another client when we all have the same still - it seems only version number changed for me after update.

Look just the menu over the table you have 3 buttons and a ? try them all you will see different setting. The right side with the table again you have 2 buttons for setting.
Then you choose the one you want. Aww crap! Aww crap!

Same thing with the table just go to the table click the rright button of your mouse you will see tables themes and you choose. Agree Agree Agree

I hope you will understand my english. Big Smile

I tried that pinotte. I tried everything but it is not working! And do you know why? Because I am 'special'. Now I understand the PokerStars selected me to be an alpha tester for PokerStars 7.

Yes i just google pokerstars7 and i saw whar tou mean.It is a beta version and they say you can go back to the old version in the setting Confused Confused Confused Confused

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